Károlyi István Town Centre Budapest, Újpest, District 4

Architectural design proposal for the building complex of the Károlyi István multifunctional Town Centre to be developed in the block within Váci Road, Károlyi István Street, Attila Street and József Attila Street in Budapest, Újpest, District 4.

Category Idea Competition
Type Architecture Idea Competition
Genre Hotel, Housing, Landscape, Office, Public, Urban
Country Budapest, Hungary
RegDeadline 28 April 2008 GoogleCal iCal
28 April 2008 (Must be Postmarked, See "Timetable" below)
Eligibility All

The 21st century has changed our lifestyle, our expectations, needs and demands have also changed.
Today we want to live in a smartly designed and cared for environment; concerning the technical standard and layout of our apartments, the common areas and open spaces of our residential buildings. Today the pace of life is higher than ever. We want to get everything done efficiently, making the most of the services surrounding us. We travel a lot.
The Károlyi István Town Centre brings about a promise that we can use all modern, quality services within a small neighbourhood, within one block of buildings, in a beautiful environment, along pedestrian streets and open spaces. Without travelling a lot, we can arrange our daily tasks, do our banking, go to the post, do our shopping, go to cultural events, do sports or go out dining.
During 3-year preparation work for the selection of the site, there was only one priority: creating an Urban Lifestyle product without compromises in quality. This novel urban development offers all urban facilities and services in one place, with a selection of brands and good public transport connections (metro).
More than 25% of the 4-hectare area will be covered by parks, open spaces, playgrounds, pedestrian streets. Cars reach the underground car parks via the sublevel driveways, thus extending the size of the green surface and pedestrian areas. The residents thus can live in a quiet, spacious, green neighbourhood, only 15 minutes by metro from the city centre.

“Urban Lifestyle”

The principle of the Károlyi István Town Centre is to create a lively neighbourhood with culture, sports facilities, events. The terraces of the cafés and restaurants will be filled with young people every day, hundreds of visitors will attend the cultural events, people from the other parts of the district will also come here to use the available facilities.

Use of the Design Submissions
Intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the awarded design submissions and schemes are vested finally and irrevocably in the competition promoter or its legal successor (investor, project firm, etc.). The signed statement of the entrant concerning the above terms (see annex 3.5), must be placed in the closed envelope containing the authors’ particulars.

The competition promoter or its legal successor (investor, project firm, etc.) maintain the right to use the design submissions and schemes, indicating the name of the author, in the finalisation of the Károlyi István Town Centre development program, without any further licence or consideration, during in the design and implementation phase of the project.

The awarded entrant and the competition promoter can make commitment by mutual agreement concerning their future collaboration.

Dr JÁROSI Tamás (CEU Reality Group)
ELTÉR István (Hungarian Chamber of Architects, President)
BERÉNYI András (District 4, Chief Architect)
Dr. ing. Boris Brorman Jensen (Aarhus School of Architecture, AAA)
LUKÁCS István (Association of Hungarian Architects)
MÓDIS Anita (Municipality of District 4)
NYITRAI Péter (CEU Reality Group)
SCHÖMER András (Hungarian Society for Urban Planning)
WINTERMANTEL Zsolt (Municipality of District 4 Urban Development and Environmental Committee)
dr. KATONA Katalin (Hungarian Chamber of Architects, General Secretary)
dr. KATÓ Balázs (Municipality of District 4)
dr. MORAVÁNSZKY Ákos (Zurich Technical University)
dr. BALOGH Péter István (Budapest Corvinus University)
PÁSTI Imre (Municipality of Budapest, Traffic and Transport Dept.)
SALAMON Adorján (ESTON International)
Col. PÉCZ József fire-chief (Fire Department of the Municipality of Budapest)
MARK Rea (Gardiner & Theobald)
RAZSOVICH József (CEU Reality Group)
ILLÉS Istvánné dr (Hungarian Chamber of Architects, Expert)

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

Total: 134,000 EUR
The maximum award: 78,000 EUR
The minimum award: 7,800 EUR

Entry Fee
200 EUR

10 boards (70 X 100 cm) and the technical description (A4 size sheets, maximum 16 pages, printed text, maximum 12 images attached) and Digital material on CD

The design submissions must arrive at the latest: May 5, 2008
Results announced, awarding prizes: until May 20, 2008 (at www.mek.hu)
Entries exhibited to the public: until June 13, 2008

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