Keila Tuula road 5 Architecture Competition

The purpose of the competition is to achieve the best planning and architectural solution for the build-up of the property at Tuula Street 5 in central Keila, as well as to create an attractive urban space.

Category Project Competition
Type International Architecture Concept Competition
Genre Redevelopment, Urban
Country Keila, Estonia
Registration Deadline 20 November 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 20 November 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Registered Architects

The winning submission will become the conceptual basis for creating a detailed plan and for setting forth the common architectural requirements for the gradual construction.

The main purpose of the competition is to find a complete and innovative architectural and planning solution for the property of Tuula Street 5 (23 111 m²) and its surrounding area, which comprises an area of approx. 4 ha in the central region of Keila, next to the Keila River (see schematics of planned area). Solutions must address the blending of urban space in an area between the developing town center, a park belt envisaged for the river bank, and the neighbouring apartment block district.

In accordance with the general plan, the region carries the leading function of “central mixed planning area” (residential, commercial and social land). Submissions are expected to provide solutions for the functional zoning and build-up of the Tuula Street 5 property, in such a way as to ensure balance between public space, private residential areas and commercial activity. The built-up area, access roads, parking spaces, pedestrian and bicycle roads, green areas and the riverside parkland must be resolved as a cohesive whole.

The Keila riverside must be made into a public recreation area with a promenade (light traffic road) and the appropriate activities and structures to ensure active usage of the site. The river bank must be open to the townspeople as a pleasant place to gather and spend time, without them feeling as if they were trespassing. The recreation area and access to it must not be constricting in measurements or design.


Enno Fels, Deputy Mayor of Keila.
Indrek Pitk, Director, Landscape Invest OÜ;
Märt Mathisen, Project Manager, Landscape Invest OÜ;
Siiri Hunt, Keila architect;
Andrus Loog, Chairman of the Keila Town Council;
Ülar Mark, Chairman of the Union of Estonian Architects;
Indrek Allmann, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Estonian Architects.

Competition Type
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

First place: 200,000 EEK ≈ € 12,782
Second place: 125,000 EEK ≈ € 7,989
Third place: 75,000 EEK ≈ € 4,793

Entry Fee

- A1 format containing plan, perspective, concept, etc.
- It is also advisable to present a mockup illustrating the solution, on a scale of 1:500.
- Submissions must be accompanied by a cost proposal for preparing the detailed plan of the submitted draft plan and managing it until completion, along with a proposed schedule for the completion of the work.

The language of the competition is Estonian, and also English where necessary.

Landscape Invest OÜ and Keila Town Council

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