Kemeri National Park Observation Tower

Designing a new tower that will allow visitors to view and experience the Kemeri Bog in a new way.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Project, Open
Genre Architecture, Landscape
Country Latvia
RegDeadline 27 April 2018 GoogleCal iCal
31 May 2018 GoogleCal
Eligibility All

Third-largest national park in one of Europe’s greenest country, Kemeri is a stunning and eclectic mix of forests, lakes, swamps and ancient raised bogs. Situated just a 1-hour train ride from Latvia’s capital, Riga, the park is home to a wide range of fauna including rare birds like the black stork, as well as moose, deer, elk, foxes, wolves, and wild cattle and horses. These were all reintroduced into this unique ecosystem with some help from the World Wildlife Fund.

For the Kemeri National Park Observation Tower competition, participants are tasked with designing a new tower that will allow visitors to view and experience the Kemeri Bog in a new way. Its main purpose should be to provide a new viewpoint to visitors, especially those with disabilities that are less able to enjoy the national park up close. As such the observation tower must have disabled access included throughout the entirety of its functioning.

Alona Martinez Perez - University of Plymouth, United Kingdom and others

Total prize fund: US$ 6,000
Winning designs for the KEMERI NATIONAL PARK OBSERVATION TOWER will be considered for construction by the Latvia Nature Conservation Agency as a way to help boost Latvia's tourism.

Entry Fee
US $70 ~ $140
Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15 December 2017

Announcement of the winners: 31 May, 2018

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