Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2017

This award value the creativity, innovation and sustainability of lighting projects, regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lights used in the project.

Category Award / Open to Students
Type International, Award, Open, Two-Stage, Onymous
Genre Lighting
Country Spain
RegDeadline 31 January 2017 GoogleCal iCal
31 January 2017 (via Online)
Eligibility All
Target Field Architectural lighting projects whose building works have been finished between 01.01.15 and 31.12.16

1. ARCHITECTURAL OUTDOOR LIGHTING: lighting projects for outdoor illumination such as: facades, sport facilities, monuments, canopies, etc.
2. INDOOR LIGHTING: lighting projects for indoor illumination such as: shops, restaurants, museums, exhibition halls, offices, etc.
3. URBAN AND LANDSCAPE LIGHTING: lighting projects for urban illumination such as: squares, roundabouts, avenues, streets, parks, bridges, etc.
4. STUDENTS PROPOSALS: this year's theme is "Light with transition"; lighting projects, both indoor and outdoor, in which light visualizes time. Emotion always arises from the transition of the light. In other words, lighting design exists to create a comfortable moment. Only idea-based/conceptual projects will be accepted.

Kaoru Mende. Lighting Designer and President of the Jury. (Japan)
Gustavo Avilés. Lighting Designer. (Mexico)
Colin Ball. Lighting Designer. (UK)
Anna Sbokou. Lighting Designer. (Greece)
Rafael Gallego. Lighting Designer and APDI President. (Spain)
Odile Decq. Architect. (France)
Joan Roig. Architect. (Spain)
Stefano Colli. Interior Designer. (Italy)

Architectural Outdoor Lighting Award: €5.000
Indoor Lighting Award: €5.000
Urban and Landscape Lighting Award: €5.000
Students Proposals Award: €1.000

Entry Fee

The jury's verdict will be announced at a special evening event in Barcelona during the month of June 2017.

Past winners

Lamp, S.A.U.

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