Lancashire Coastline Trawling for a World Class Design Team


BCA Landscapes have been appointed to deliver the Sea Change Programme in Cleveleys and Fleetwood. After a tie in the third round it came down to an intensive day of presentations to members of the public and an interview with WBC officers, which was held on Thursday 13th May.


Wyre Borough Council is looking for a multi-disciplinary team comprising landscape architect, architect and an artist to undertake a unique combination of projects to improve the cultural attraction of our coastal location.

Category Competition Result / Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Three-Stage, Onymous
Genre Architecture, Art, Landscape
Country UK
Registration Deadline 15 March 2010 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 15 March 2010 (via Online)
Eligibility Multi-disciplinary team comprising landscape architect, architect and an artist

1. We want to build a world class sustainable architectural structure at Rossall Point that serves as -
* beacon and destination along the Wyre coastal trail, linking Cleveleys and Fleetwood.
* an active coastal/bird viewing point for Morecambe Bay.
* an educational facility set in a big outdoor classroom.

2. We want to re-invent the ‘Marine’ garden style to -
* create an architectural setting for the future development of Fleetwood’s Marine Hall.
* create a dramatic enclosure for outdoor performance and cultural events.
* establish a contemporary English marine garden.
* build material and visual connections to the wider seafront.

3. We want to integrate Public Art and -
* allow artists to respond to place and people, building a sustainable narrative that enriches mental association and memory.
* allow visual connections to be made and metaphors crafted, that affirm the visitor’s experience of the natural coastline and the traditional English seaside.
* allow artworks, temporary or permanent, to present a sensory impression to the visitor, art that may have an environmental challenge, art that communicates delight and wonder, art that reflects the coastal story of Wyre.

marine gardens and performance area: £820,000
integrated public art: £200,000
bird/coastal observation structure: £450,000
mythic coastline project (separate procurement process): £200,000
Total budget (inclusive of all fees): £1,670,000

To be announced

Design commission

Entry Fee

Long listed teams informed: March 22nd 2010
Applicants PQQ uploaded: March 29th 2010
Teams called to interview: w/c April 12th 2010 (tbc)
Scheme completion: March 2011

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