Urban Landscaping in Kyiv for Euro-2012


Directors: Julian Restrepo, Pablo Forero
Architects: Juan Carlos Cuberos, Ivanovha Bendetto, Alejandro Montoya, Susana Somoza, Manuela Mosquera.
Taller 301/Colombia

Partners: Igor Marko, Peter Fink
Architects: Petra Havelska, Richard Marfiak
FORM Associates/Great Britain

Yehre Suh, Konrad Scheffer
Office of Urban Terrains/USA

Ken Aoki, Kamil Szoltysek, Masayoshi Matsubara, Katsuya Suzuki, Sava Bielinski.

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Architecture and Urban Design are launching a Competition for the best urban landscape design of the central area of Kyiv within the framework of preparation for UEFA Football Championship – Euro-2012 and for more distant future.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Landscape, Urban
Country Kyiv, Ukraine
RegDeadline 10 february 2011 GoogleCal iCal
1 April 2011 GoogleCal
Eligibility Architects, urban planners, landscape architects and designers who are licensed specialists and hold a degree in the relevant field.

The Aim of the Competition
The Competition aims to define the best urban landscaping design and its authors, guided by the principles of sustainability, and to provide necessary conditions for its realization.
Main Objectives of the Competition
- to highlight the importance of the area in questions and acknowledge its resources;
- to draw the attention of professionals and general public to the poor state of urban landscape in the central part of the city;
- to suggest effective solutions to this problem, making good use of the European experience, and adopting a responsible attitude to Nature, City and future generations, with the prospects for European integration;
- to create a precedent of a project on the basis of competition, which is new for Kyiv; to ensure high professional level of its results by means of involving remarkable Ukrainian and foreign specialists both as participants and members of the jury;
- to provide conditions for the realization of the winning project.

Representative Jury:
- Oleksandr Popov, Head of Kyiv City State Administration /Kyiv, Ukraine
- Boris Kolesnikov, Vice-premier Euro-2012/Kyiv, Ukraine
-Igor Dobrutsky, counsellor of Kyiv City Major/Kyiv, Ukraine
Architectural Jury:
-Sergiy Tselovalnyk, chief architect of Kyiv
-Yevgen Lishansky, general manager of the institute for urban design and civil engineering “MiskCivilProject”
-Volodymyr Shevchenko, architect, design bureau“V.Shevchenko”
- Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG, www.big.dk
- Andreas Klok Pedersen, Partner, BIG, www.big.dk

The Competition envisages one First Prize of 10,000 EUR. The winner, as a chief designer, has the right to continue working on the project and realize it.

Entry Fee

results announced: 30 April 2011

Kyiv Central Agency for Urban Planning, Architecture and Urban Design

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