Mango Vinyl Hub International Architecture Competition

Participants are invited to submit their visions for a multipurpose building to be located in Cesis, Latvia.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Renovation
Country Cesis, Latvia
RegDeadline 19 April 2017 (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
10 May 2017 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

The Mango Vinyl Hub is the first in an intended series of redevelopments that will add new investments and industry to the area. Therefore, it is vital that the design for the hub is both effective and inspirational.
The hub itself should consist of three independent, yet cohabiting organisations. The first - Mango Vinyl - will consist of a vinyl press, vinyl store, café and exhibition space, all with a consumer/retail focus. The second aspect of the hub is to function as a coworking space, and the third is to be decided entirely by the designer.
While all three organisations will focus on creative industries, they are very different, and must be able to operate independently without disturbing each other. This creates potential challenges in terms of operation and structure that the designer must overcome. For example, each organisation could operate different working hours, and therefore the circulation and the security of the building would require special consideration.
Since the winning designs will be considered for construction, it’s important that the submissions consider long term development. Strategies, which will present more inclusive long-term solutions and visions for development will be rated higher by the jury panel.

JOHN PAUL RYSAVY, Associate at SHoP Architects
BRITTANY UTTING, Thomas Phifer and Partners
DANIEL JACOBS, SHoP Architects New York
JENNA DEZINSKI, University of Texas at Austin
SABINE BRICE, Mango Vinyl Co Founder
LAINE MADELANE, Cesis Municipality Head of Development Division
MARTINS ULANS, Cesis Municipality Construction Board Urban Planner
JANIS ZLAUGOTNIS, Cesis Municipality Construction Board Architect

1ST PRIZE: US $3,000
2ND PRIZE: US $1,500
3RD PRIZE: US $500
MANGO VINYL is committed to the construction of the MANGO VINYL HUB during 2017-2018 with all winning and honorable mention designs to be put forward for consideration for the final design of the hub.

Entry Fee
- Early Bird Registration (02 FEBRUARY - 01 MARCH)
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies: US $90
Students: US $70
- Advance Registration (02 MARCH - 22 MARCH)
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies: US $120
Students: US $100
- Last Minute Registration (23 MARCH - 19 APRIL)
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies: US $140
Students: US $120

Announcement of the winners: 31 MAY, 2017

Bee Breeders, in cooperation with Cesis Municipality and Mango Vinyl

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