Mobile Media-Centric Habitation and Work Unit


103 architectural and engineering submissions from 30 different countries and territories.

Richard Carbonnier, Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet - Nunavut, Canada)
Giuseppe Mecca, Florence (Italy)
Catherine Rannou, Plouezoc‘h (France)



This architecture design competition is open to the submission of proposals for the design of a mobile media-centric facility, life support habitation and work module with a renewable energy supply, waste recycling, and communications systems. We invite proposals from architects, designers, engineers, artists, students, and engineering teams.

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Sustainability, Temporary-Structure
Country Gremany
RegDeadline 1 July 2009 1 August 2009 GoogleCal iCal
1 July 2009 1 August 2009 (via Online)
Eligibility All

The design should be an open source mobile architecture/system/machine capable of functioning in extreme as well as temperate climates and containing mass/industrial and amateur production/manufacturing potential.
The unit is to serve as a model for mobile research in extreme cold environments, incorporating high tech solutions while utilizing sustainable resources.

Submitted entries are intended for the competition only. The selection of prizewinners does not guarantee the intent of API to award a commission for the actual building of the project. However, API does reserve the right to consult and negotiate on the continuation of the development with selected entrants pending the confirmation of the development budgets in 2009 and 2010. If realization is to continue, the first prototype will be tested in the field in the March/April/May 2010 time frame.

Not yet announced

First Prize: 5000 EUR
Second Prize: 2500 EUR
Third Prize: 1500 EUR

Entry Fee

A digital file of a single presentation poster formatted for printing at 130cm x 50cm landscape format.

Results: 1 October 2009


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