Category OVER 35:
1st Prize: Arch. Folco Orlandini Space-amplifying system
2nd Prize: Arch. Raffaele De Martino LEVER Handle

Category UNDER 35:
1st Prize: 35Arch. Davide Tomberli Bar rack shelf fixture
2nd Prize: Arch. Diego Tartari Semi colon
Special Mention: Dott. Riccardo Carli and Arch. Stefano Corò


The design of items for interior design made out of extruded aluminium with connections and components in varying materials, with the purpose of implementing the production and commercialisation of the trademark Eureka aluminium

Category Other Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International Product Design Competition
Genre Product
Country Italy
RegDeadline 29 June 2007 GoogleCal iCal
29 June 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility University Students, Professionals and Established Technicians (2 Categories: over 35 category and under 35 category)

This competition intends to “bring to life” projects, solutions and original ideas that can be realised in aluminium profiles, exclusively for interior design.
Designs must be innovative both functionally and aesthetically as well as being of feasible production.
Applications may include: Furniture doors, Pole structures, Wall structures, Wardrobe structures, Bookcases, Structures for desks/tables, Shelves, Shelf supports, Handles, Drawer structures, Mirrors Connections and/or components may be made from: Metal (fusions, profiles, sheet metal, tubes), Plastic (moulding and/or extruded), Wood (components and/ or panelling), Glass (sheet or fused), Hide, Fabrics, ...

Luciano Bertoncini (Designer)
Giuseppe Covre (Entrepreneur, Owner of EUREKA)
Paolo Favaretto (Designer, President of ADI North-East)
Eugenio Perazza (Entrepreneur, Owner of MAGIS)
Tobia Scarpa (Designer, Architect, Lecturer IUAV)

Competition Type
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

a) over 35 category (1st prize: 5,000 euro, 2nd prize: 3,000 euro)
b) under 35 category (1st prize: 3,000 euro, 2nd prize: 2,000 euro)
Catalogues, volumes and/or specialized magazines
The prize-winners will be offered the possibility to participate in a workshop at the Royal College of Art in London for the 5 of up to 5 days, yet to be defined.
Eureka reserves the option to use the winning designs for the duration of one year, and evaluate whether to proceed with the design’s production.

Entry Fee

CD including illustrations (maximum dimension A3) and a brief relation in pdf format or word (maximum of three sides)

The competition and evaluation of results shall be presented according to the discretion of Eureka, including the presentation of the winners during the ZOW Show in Pordenone – Italy, the most important European fair in the sector of components and interior design.


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