MUJI Award 02


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Re-think, Re-design, Re-use, Re-fuse..., Show us how you can discover and conceptualize RE in a familiar, everyday thing

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International Product Design Idea Competition
Genre Product
Country Japan
Registration Deadline 31 July 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 31 July 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All
Target Field Anything from furniture, stationery and office equipment to everyday household items

We ask designers submitting projects to focus on reality, in which people are both part of the environment and whose lives create the environment. Each submission should embody a new angle on the everyday of a kind that provides the foundation for everything that MUJI does. We look forward to seeing this competition inspire the creation of future MUJI products.

Kazuko Koike (Muji adviser, creative director)
Takashi Sugimoto (Muji adviser, interior designer)
Kenya Hara (Muji adviser, graphic designer)
Naoto Fukasawa (Muji adviser, product designer)
Masaaki Kanai (Senior Managing Director, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.)
Product development team, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.
[Special Judge]
Jasper Morrison (Product designer)

Competition Type

Gold Prize winner (1 award) 20,000 US dollars
Silver Prize winner (1 award) 10,000 US dollars
Special Prize winners (6 awards) 2,000 US dollars
The winning entry will be shown at the Milano Salone exhibition in 2008.
After the launch, the product will be toured for display at specified Muji stores.

Entry Fee

Initial screening: two A3 size pages (landscape)
Final review: a prototype which is a faithful reproduction of the design (The package size may not exceed a total height/width/depth of 120cm)

First-stage result announcement: end of August 2007
Results will be published on the homepage: mid November 2007
Award Ceremony and exhibition will be hold in Tokyo: December 2007

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