The New Moscow Metro Stations "Nizhniye Mnevniki" and "Terekhovo"

The object of the competition is the development of Architectural and Design concepts for the Moscow Metro stations.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage
Genre Station
Country Moscow
RegDeadline 3 November 2015 GoogleCal iCal
3 November 2015
Eligibility Participation is open to Architects and Designers with experience in design documentation for the interiors of multifunctional public spaces.

“Dear competition participants!

Last year for the first time after an extended hiatus Moscow held an open competition for the best design project for the Metro stations under construction. Architects, designers and artists were invited to submit their versions for the decoration of Solntsevo and Novoperedelkino stations. Interest in the competition was so high, both from domestic and overseas architectural and design firms, that we took the decision to raise its status from a national to international level. Submissions for the competition were presented by around 96 participants from Russia, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia and other countries. The best projects selected by a professional jury were submitted to a vote on the city website “Active Citizen” through which the competition winners were chosen by Moscow citizens themselves: finally the design for the two new stations was entrusted to contractors from Russia and Latvia whose projects were recognized as the most striking and original. Metro stations Solntsevo and Novoperedelkino will be opened in 2017.

A further 78 new Metro stations are planned for construction in Moscow by 2020, with over 160 kilometres of new tracks. And our guiding principle is that each station of our capital city’s underground should have its own distinct face, its own particular twist. And so in order to save time and building costs in the construction proposals we are erecting stations according to a standard model, but with internal decoration carried out on an individual basis. In doing so, we will continue the tradition laid down by the pioneers of Metro construction who saw the creation of Moscow’s underground railway as no mere utilitarian object of transport infrastructure, but a unique architectural edifice reflecting the history of the city’s development and that of the country as a whole.

I hope the participants of this current Competition to find the best design project for Nizhniye Mnevniki and Terekhovo Metro stations will support our aim to make stations beautiful, elegant and, most importantly, comfortable for all passengers.

I am sure that each of you working on your projects will reveal your creative potential to the utmost. I wish all competitors inspiration and creative discoveries!“

Nikolay Lyzlov
Vice-president of the Union of Moscow architects
Dmitry Ovcharov
Founder of the architectural firm Nefa Architects
Grigory Revzin
Architectural critic, partner in KB Strelka
Yuly Borisov
General Director of the architectural firm UNK project
Alexander Ryabsky
Architect, partner in the architectural firm FAS(t)
Marcelo Sanz
Project coordinator at Bustren PM
Alexander Seslavinsky
Deputy Head - Chief of Metro construction Department Moscow Metropolitan
Executive Director of Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Each of ten participants chosen after First Stage Jury Meeting will get a refund 318,750 rubles (including VAT).

Entry Fee

Winner announced: 28 Jan. 2016


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