House of the Future in Flood-Risk Area


85 entrants from across the globe

The four winners are:
Nissen Adams LLP based in London
Eleena Jamil Architects – based in Malaysia
Pohkit Goh – based in Edinburgh
Hopper Howe Sadler – based in Newcastle


The main objective of the competition is to encourage holistic design proposals that minimise the potential consequences of a flood on the occupants and the property.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Housing
Country Norwich, United Kingdom
RegDeadline 19 September 2008 GoogleCal iCal
19 September 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All

It will therefore not be acceptable to simply raise an otherwise ordinary house above the design flood level in order to avoid flooding. At the same time designs must first and foremost ensure the safety of the house’s occupants.
The following objectives have been set:
- Designs must seek to avoid or minimise damage to the property including the garden space and the occupants’ possessions.
- Implicit within this objective is the aim of reducing monetary cost to the occupants of a flood. Proposals should at the same time be cost effective, balancing the initial construction and fit out costs against these potential costs.
- Designs should also try to minimise the level of disruption to the continuity of the occupants’ lives of a flood.
- Whilst proposals should try and reduce the social and emotional cost of a flood it may be reasonable to expect owners to understand, work with and adapt to living with flood risk. Measures to anticipate a flood in advance and thereby reduce potential consequences along with ways of making cleaning up afterwards easier and quicker could be explored.

It is the intention that the winning design will be developed and built subject to the design being approved by a housebuilding partner.

Not yet announced

The finalists (up to 5) will be invited to an interview at which they will be asked to make a short presentation of their design concept. There is a global fund of £15,000 which will be shared amongst the shortlist.

Entry Fee
£35 (for professionals)
£10 (for students)

No more than two A1 boards and a A4 report (a maximum of 4, including an indication of cost)

Submission Address
RIBA Competitions Office
6 Melbourne Street, Leeds LS2 7PS

Judging / selection of shortlist: 29th September 2008
Final judging / interviews with shortlist: 20th October 2008
Thames Gateway Forum – entries and winning designs on show: 26/27th November 2008

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