Open International Urban Design Competition for Klaksvík City Center

This contest was initiated so that Klaksvík may take advantage of the untapped resources that lie in the town’s center. The ideas generated by this contest are to be used for the creation and arrangement of Klaksvík’s town center, which will be comprised by new residential and commercial areas, offices, public institutions, and leisure areas; as well as all the ser- vices that citizens can expect from a town center.

Category Project Competition / Idea Competition
Type International, Idea/Project, Open, Anonymous
Genre Urban
Country Klaksvík, Faroe Islands
RegDeadline 27 April 2012 GoogleCal iCal
27 April 2012 (Must be Postmarked)
Eligibility All

This urban design competition has been arranged by Klaksvík Town Municipality located in the northern part of the Faroe Islands. This brief is the basis of the urban design competition for the town center in Klaksvík and the competition outline is arranged by Klaksvík Municipality in cooperation with Selmar Nielsen Arkitektur and the competition conditions of Arkitektafelag Føroyar. The competition is open to all. Proposals are due by 27th April 2012 at the latest.
Over the last 200 years, Klaksvík has grown from five settlements of a mere 100 people to a modern town of 5000 inhabitants. The large and swift population growth was triggered by the growing fishing industry, which led to the development of the areas along the shore for industrial purposes. The central part of town is virtually undeveloped and with a recent landfill in the center area, where the shore used to be, you are now invited to enter the contest for providing Klaks- vík with a masterplan for a new town center.

Vibeke Lydolph Lindblad, Architect MAA Mikael Viderø, Architect, appointed by AF
Gunnar Hoydal, Architect, appointed by AF Gunnvá við Keldu, Mayor of Klaksvík Auðunn Konradsson, Fisherman Óluva Klettskarð, Cand.Mag.
Heri Hammer, Manager of the Technical De- partment in Klaksvik
Magnus Arge, Businessman Edward Fuglø, Artist

First prize: DKK 400,000
Second prize: DKK 150,000
Purchases: DKK 250,000
The winning entry will be used as the basis for new building regulations and for inspiration for new construction work in Klaksvík’s center.

Entry Fee
DKK 300

Klaksvík Town Municipality

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