The City of Ostend calls urban designers to the beach

This design competition sets out in search of an innovative type of infrastructure and an image quality to enhance the beach experience in the 21st century, outside of the classical tourism season.

Category Idea Competition
Type International, Idea, Open, Two-Stage, Onymous
Genre Waterfront
Country Ostend, Belgium
RegDeadline 29 January 2016 GoogleCal iCal
29 January 2016 (via Online)
Eligibility Each team may have a multidisciplinary makeup, but must have at least one certified architect.

The competition aspires to investigate how a new type of beach infrastructure can contribute to greater enjoyment of the beach and the coast. In general terms, following a survey of image-defining elements, an investigation is launched into how a beach walkway may contribute to an enhanced image quality for the beach and seafront by means of synergies and spatial strategies at the programme level. The design examines how the beach passageway can operate as a micro connection, a local link that may contribute quickly and efficiently and in a relatively low-cost manner to the spatial quality and beach experience. The designs look into how this infrastructure can enhance the image quality of the coastal area, possibly in conjunction with the cabins, surf club, and/or the beach bars and other seaside infrastructure. The design searched for the ideal location of the walkway, taking into account the path of the shadows cast upon the beach by the high-rise buildings along the seafront, but remains above the level of TAW + 6.00. The designers demonstrate how the beach promenade can form the final element to the Green Ribbon. The team clarifies how the design is to be maintained, and estimates the maintenance frequency. The designers propose an assembly plan and illustrate how materials can be transported and stored. Lastly, the team formulates recommendations for participation.

Marcel Smets (chairman): Architect
Sven Grooten: Architect
Didier Rebois: Architect
Kristof Billiet: Director of the Public Services at Ostend City
Peter Craeymeersch: Director Toerisme Oostende vzw, General Manager Kursaal Oostende, Filmfestival Oostende
Valerie Deschamps: Director of (Directeur Ruimtelijke Ordening, Wonen, Economie, Milieu Stad Oostende)
Koen Lenoir: Bestuurder Centrummanagement Oostende CMO, voorzitter Verenigde Handelaarsbond Oostende, bestuurder Toerisme Oostende

The winning team shall be selected as special advisors to the city of Ostend up to a value of 40,000€ incl.
Each of the 5 selected teams will receive a fee of 3,500€ incl. VAT to participate in the workshop and travel expenses will be compensated to a sum of 1,500€ incl. VAT. Free lodging is provided by the city of Ostend during the workshop week.

Entry Fee

The application form containing the following:
- TEAM: describe the composition of the multidisciplinary team
- OWN WORK: present a selection from your own work (at least three projects)(at least 1 A3 sheet)
- OTHER WORK: present a selection of (at least three) international design projects investigating the relationship between architecture, landscape design, and the beach experience in a manner with which your team can identify. (at least 1 A3 sheet)
- REFLECTION: develop an initial speculative reflection highlighting your specific approach and team vision. The use of both text and imagery is encouraged. (at least 2 A3 sheets)

Announcement of the teams: 01 February 2016
5 selected teams will reside in Ostend for a week to work on their projects: 11- 18 March 2016
Winner selection: 18 March 2016
Exhibition of the entries: July-August 2016

The City of Ostend (Belgium), in close collaboration with Agentschap voor Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust (MDK) of the Flemish government

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