Paide Vocational Secondary School Idea Competition


The competition was won by Arhitektuuribüroo Kosmos OÜ (architects Mihkel Tüür, Ott Kadarik ja Villem Tomiste), Estonia.

II prize was won by Urmas Lõokese Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ (architects Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke ja Karli Luik), Estonia.

III prize, was won by Danish architectural bureau NOBEL arkitekter a/s (architect Erik Nobel).

Total Number fo Entries: Four (4)


The best solution for the new building complex of Paide Vocational Secondary School as well as the planning its territory

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Schematic Design Competition
Genre Education
Country Estonia
RegDeadline 18 June 2007 GoogleCal iCal
18 June 2007
Eligibility See competition Brief

As is well-known, a major problem facing the development of the Estonian economy is the lack of a qualified work force; for this reason, the state has initiated reforms in the field of vocational education. Vocational education as a whole is limited by the lack of a technical base to meet the contemporary requirements. Building the new studying complex for Paide Vocational Secondary School is a part of the national campaign. The existing school buildings in Tallinna Street are situated in a busy part of the town, and are, in some cases, in poor repair; they therefore cannot accommodate new spatial and logistical solutions to meet contemporary requirements. In particular, the area of the road construction assault course is limited and inappropriate in its present location. While solving the problem of space, it is also necessary to upgrade the technical equipment of the Vocational Secondary School.
In order to guarantee the completion of the task that has been set up it would be most advantegous and economical to construct an entirely new complex of buildings on the registered immovable of the Vocational Secondary School.

The result of the competition will be a tender (blueprint), which will be the basis for the architectural planning and design of the building complex on the site. The competition will be that of architectural conceptual design in the drafting stage.

Rein Oselin, director of the Paide Vocational Secondary School
Andres Siim, EAL architect
Eero Endjärv, EAL architect
Siiri Vallner, EAL architect
Neeme Vaarpuu, EAL architect
Kersti Sarapuu, Paide rural municipality mayor
Kalle Toom, representative of the Ministry of Education and Research

Competition Type
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

First prize: EEK 350,000
Second prize: EEK 300,000
Third prize: EEK 180,000
Premium - 1: EEK 85,000
Premium - 2: EEK 85,000

Entry Fee
The cost of the complete conditions package, which contains all of the participants’ qualification conditions and necessary data, is EEK 300 (= EUR 30, converting fee included), when bought from the Union of Estonian Architects or Paide Vocational Secondary School and could be sent to participants via mail.

A1 format (594x840mm) and in digital form on a CD, in PDF, TIFF or JPG printable file format

Questions due date: 15 May 07
Work due date: 18 June 07 (Submission entries must be received by the deadline)
Date when the winners are announced: 29 June 07

Paide Vocational Secondary School and The Union of Estonian Architects

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