Peace Pentagon: A Call to Action


First Prize
- ATP Sphere GmbH, Innsbuck, Austria
- Maureen Connor/ Institute for Wishful Thinking, New York, USA
- Benoit Streicher, Michel Sikorski, Strasbourg, France

Third Prize
- Sergey Pospelov, Vladimir Belskiy, Ildar Valishin & Elena Fedorova, Moscow, Russia
- Graham Thompson, Dublin, Ireland

Honorable mentions
- JSPY Architecture, Jersey City, USA.
- Ashton Porter Architects, London, UK.
- New World Architects, New York, USA.
- Architectenaanhetij, J.A. Schepman & A.C. de Buck, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
- Tony Bourgaran & Kevin Bian, Rennes, France
- Jason Allen, Nash Hurley & Gerald Del Priore, Brooklyn, USA.
- Steffen Neumann, Johannes Wegner & Lamin Cham, Hannover, Germany.
- Heejoo Shi & Kyung Jae Kim, New York, USA.
- Ines Catarino Cabrita & Miguel Fevereiro, Estoril, Portugal.
- Paolo Galantini, Pisa, Italy.


We invite architects, designers, artists, engineers and multi-disciplinary teams worldwide to participate in a competition to re-imagine and rebuild the Peace Pentagon, located at 339 Lafayette Street in New York City.

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Renovation
Country New York, United States
Registration Deadline 6 December 2009 (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 9 December 2009 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

War has moved out of the spotlight, but wars continue in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. The unresolved conflicts of our time and the United States government's reliance on military interventions mean that many lives are in danger every day. The work of removing the root causes of war and violence continues. Since 1969, when the property was acquired by the War Resisters League, 339 Lafayette has been the headquarters of peace forces, a place where activists from many different organizations plan creative resistance to militarism and injustice.
Current Peace Pentagon programs include a hotline for GI's who want to leave the military, information about redirecting taxes used for war, coordination of demonstrations, grant making, and TV programming. The building’s meeting space is used by activists from around the city.
The building needs substantial repairs. Friends of 339 sees this as a opportunity to rethink the building as a symbol of peace activism in New York City. We are a group of building tenants, and affiliates of the tenant organizations, working to create a sustainable future for the Peace Pentagon. The building is both a vital part of our connection to the world and a valuable economic resource. The proposals generated by the competition will help us to envision a building that optimizes our use of resources, raises public awareness about the Peace Pentagon and provokes thinking about architecture that expresses activism for peace and justice.

Ashok Raiji (a Mechanical Engineer at the firm of Ove Arup in New York)
Deborah Gans (an architect and principal at Studio Gans)
DeeDee Haleck (a media activist, founder of Paper Tiger Television and co-founder of the Deep Dish Satellite Network)
Martha Rosler (an artist and writer)
Michael Sorkin (an urban designer and principal at Michael Sorkin Studio)
Mimi Hoang (a founding principal of N Architects)
Nato Thompson (the chief curator at Creative time)
William Menking (an architectural historian, writer and curator of architecture and urbanism)

First Prize: US$ 5,000
Second Prize: US$ 2,000
Third Prize: to be determined

Entry Fee
US$ 50
Late registration fee: US$100 (on or after Nov 2, 2009)

Conceptual statement 200 words (maximum) in English and a single board 30” x 40”

Submission Address
To be announced

Jury Day: December 14-19, 2009
Awards Announced: December 21, 2009
Exhibition Opening: January 14, 2010

Friends of 339

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