PCI Total-Precast Design Challenge 2008


Category 1: Student Category (site specific)

1st Place Award
Title: Charlotte - Mecklenburg Middle School
Entrants: Erik Illies
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Brazley
School: Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

2nd Place Award
Title: Highland Creek Middle School: Total Precast Middle School
Entrants: Brett Barbour
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Brazley
School: Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Category II: Student Category (not site specific)

1st Place Award
Title: Extrusion: Pulling Precast into Context
Entrants: Josh Forseth
Faculty Advisor: Gil Snyder

2nd Place Award
Title: Chicago Charter School
Entrants: Thomas Huang
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Brock
School: Illinois Institute of Technology

3rd Place Award
Title: Osmosis: Chicago Charter School
Entrants: Chris Chiu
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Brock
School: Illinois Institute of Technology



PCI’s 2008 Architectural Student Design Competition involves design of a new middle school to be located at the designated site in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. The project will address the vision that PCI has for a new middle school, in addition to showcasing a total-precast concrete solution (defined as 100% of structural and architectural elements).

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type Architecture Idea Competition
Genre School, Sustainability
Country North Carolina, United States
RegDeadline 23 May 2008 GoogleCal iCal
23 May 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Students in architecture or in architecture-related programs (Each entry must have a faculty advisor.)

In this year’s competition we are following the consideration of sustainable building practices. The potential for precast/prestressed concrete as a green building material is significant, and innovative applications may contribute to greater performance in several areas of sustainable building. Successful entries will be characterized by innovative use of precast/prestressed concrete as an agent in sustainable design. A minimum potential Silver LEED rating is required to be integrated into the design.

The jury will be composed of three prominent architects/engineers representing design expertise in the field of total-precast concrete design, sustainable design, landscape planning, and/or the presentation/evaluation of architectural competition.

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

Not yet determined
(Previous Architectural Student Design Competitions have awarded up to $25,000 in monetary awards. )
The winning entries may be exhibited at the 2008 PCI Annual Convention. In addition, winning entries may be published in the PCI Journal and Ascent Magazine.

Entry Fee

No more than four 20” x 30” boards, the LEED Checklist and digital copies on a CD

Design Winners Announced: July 2008
Awards Presented at the PCI Annual Convention & Exhibition in Orlando, FL: October 5-8, 2008

Past winners

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