Premio vico magistretti - International Design Competition 2007


5402 designers from 98 different countries participated.

1st prize - “borrod” design by: line depping from denmark

designer's own words: In everyday life we always try to follow certain norms, have tidy homes for example, but often we feel a hint of bad conscience because we are not perfect as people. So why this quest for the impossible? My table allows our irrational chaotic lives to rule and by that showing that life can be perfect in its imperfection.

2nd prize - “teo stool” design by: luciana gonzalez franco + cristian mohaded from argentina

designer's own words: Taking a flexible material surface as starting point, net but subtile and harmonious lines are therefore defined, suggesting a great simplicity. It is an individual stool, folded and structured by four metal snap buttons placed on its bottom part. A wide range of materials and finishings are also possible: leather, steel, polypropylene, as well as different textures and patterns. This allows the customization of the product. Once unfolded its mainly bidimentional morphology optimizes transportation and storage tasks, not only during its commercialization but also within the domestic environment.

3rd prize - “yuki” design by: enrico fratesi + stine gam from italy

designer's own words: The furniture is growing out from a stylistic two-dimensional drawing of the typical japanese kimono using the technique of folding and bending, exactly as a japanese origami-figure that grows out from a flat piece of paper into the most sculptural shapes. The caracteristic overdimensioned squared sleeves from the kimono, becomes the personality of the furniture that embrace the sitting person; why the name Yuki. The furniture is upholstered and will be beautiful in textile as well leather, with stiches marking the lines of the kimono. The legs are in wood and refere to the typical wooden shoes that goes with the kimono.

honorable mention - “boox” design by: han li + yan hu from china

honorable mention - “prop” design by: peter marigold from uk



Living simplicity in furniture design

Category Other Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International Furniture Design Competition
Genre Furniture
Country Italy
RegDeadline 25 June 2007 GoogleCal iCal
30 June 2007
Eligibility All

'Simplicity is an essential quality of good design. And it is one of the most complicated things in life, because you have to take away, take away...
It is the start from a precise executive and functional concept, and the designer should be able to explain over the phone why his object is designed in a certain way and how it ought to be made - so simple that it endows the object with a distinctive character.'
Combine simplicity with playfulness, elegance, freshness, and contemporary spirit in home and office furniture design.
We are looking for innovative chairs, tables, sofas, containers,...(lighting, coffee tables and other small accessories are not accepted). Please don't send in vague concepts, but go a step further. As DEPADOVA might wish to produce some of the most interesting projects, please consider the feasibility of manufacturing. The jury will award designs and concepts which are innovative in terms of their formal aspects as well as their functional ones.

norman foster, architect and designer (UK)
patricia urquiola, architect and designer (SPAIN / ITALY)
carlo forcolini, architect and designer (ITALY)
paola antonelli, curator of MoMa department of architecture and design (USA)
birgit lohmann, editor-in-chief designboom
maddalena depadova, founder of DEPADOVA company (ITALY)
luca depadova, engineering/DEPADOVA
federica gatti, communication/DEPADOVA
paolo imperatori, assistent of vico magistretti

Competition Type

First prize Euro 3.000
Second prize Euro 2.000
Third prize Euro 1.000
Exhibition and an exhaustive results report
DEPADOVA undertakes, in the event that it uses for production one of the designs submitted for the contest (wholly or in part), to pay a royalty of 3% of annual sales.

Entry Fee

Up to 3 distal files and explanation of ideas

Shortlisted and winning entries will be announced in September 2007.


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