Public Architectural-Urban Planning Competition for Victory Square, Prague

The solution should deal with improving not only the quality of life of the local residents, but also the traffic situation.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Urban
Country Prague, Czech Republic
RegDeadline 26 June 2018 GoogleCal iCal
26 June 2018 (Must be Received)
Eligibility An authorized architect

The current state of one of the largest and most monumental squares in Prague does not correspond to its importance. The proposed structure of the square in light of the current heavy traffic congestion is not ideal in terms of the quality of the public space or functionality of the traffic intersections. The opening of the Blanka Tunnel Complex last year without also putting into operation the Evropská – Svatovítská route (“ESR”) resulted in a deterioration of the traffic situation on Vítězné náměstí and adjacent streets.
For this reason, Prague City Council established a working group comprising: Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová, Deputy Prague Mayor Petra Kolínská, Deputy Prague Mayor Petr Dolínek, Prague 6 Councillor Eva Smutná, Prague 6 Councillor Martin Polách, Architect Petr Hlaváček, University of Chemistry and Technology Vice-Chancellor Milan Pospíšil, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University Ladislav Lábus, Traffic and Transport Specialist Jan Špilar, IPR Prague Architect Marek Kopeć and Architect Štěpán Toman. The working group helped define the competition site, the basis of the subject of the competition and the requirements for its solution. These recommendations will be pivotal for the urban planning design competition under preparation.
The objective of the competition will be to find the best solution for the space of Victory square with all the land-use and transport relationships in the location concerned and create a public space that is representative and recreational in nature in line with its newly proposed transport and traffic solution. The square should be intended primarily for the needs of the residents of Prague 6. The design proposal should return the square to its users. The subject of the proposal is the design of public spaces owned by the capital of Prague, not its completion.

Independent Committee Members:
Jan Jehlík, architect - urbanist, studio Jan Jehlik Prague, chairman of the committee
Ivan Reimann, Müller-Reimann architekten, Berlin
Peter Heath, RIBA MRTPI, Atkins Design Director Public Realm, London
Antonín Novák, atelier DRNH, Brno
Petr Kratochvíl, teoretik architektury
Alena Korandová, atelier Koranda-Korandová, Beroun
Dependent Committee Members:
Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of Prague
Petra Kolínská, Deputy Mayor of Prague
Petr Dolínek, Deputy Mayor of Prague
Ondřej Kolář, Mayor of the Municipality of Prague 6
Martin Polách, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Prague 6
Independent Substitute Jurors:
Martin Rusina, atelier Rusina-Frei, Prague
Pavel Nasadil, atelier FAM, Prague
Juraj Calaj, atelier EDIT!, Prague
Dependent Substitute Jurors:
Petr Janda, Deputy Mayor of Prague
Štěpán Toman, Vice Deputy to Deputy Mayor Petra Kolínská
Michael Pokorný, Vice Deputy to Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek
Marek Kopeć, IPR Prague
Pavla Melková, IPR Prague

Design Contract
1st prize: 1,200,000 CZK
2nd prize: 600,000 CZK
3rd prize: 400,000 CZK

Entry Fee

Czech language

Expected date of announcement of stage 2: early August 2018

Prague Institute of Planning and Development

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