Walk&Talk Arts Festival Pavilion 2020

The competition aims to select a partner to design Walk&Talk’s 2020 Pavilion. Proposals should be developed at the level of a simplified prior study. The contest has a single phase and the selected candidate will be invited to develop the project and build the W&T 2020 Pavilion.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Pavilion
Country Ponta Delgada, Portugal
RegDeadline 27 February 2020 GoogleCal iCal
27 February 2020 (via Online)
Eligibility All

The Pavilion marked a new milestone in the history of Walk&Talk, creating an open and public house for the festival’s program, a symbol of the project's autonomy, maturity and capacity for innovation as a space of creation and experimentation in the various artistic fields.
The receptivity to the first Pavilion was proven by the way it involved and crossed different audiences, attracted by an inviting, open and activated space with an intense two-week program that included concerts, talks, parties and performances. The Pavilion was the "meeting point" and "starting point" of the activities of Walk&Talk 2018, revived the São João Square and defined a new centrality in the city of Ponta Delgada. Alongside an open invitation to the public, the Pavilion created a confluence space between artists, organizers and visitors, since it brought together various areas essential to the dynamics and management of the festival: canteen, bar, auditorium, stage.
The total budget available for the construction of the Pavilion is € 10,000.00 + PT VAT (ranging from 18% Azores to 23% in mainland Portugal). This amount should include all costs with materials, skilled labor and transportation of materials

Walk&Talk Artistic Direction (President of the Jury) - Jesse James e Sofia Botelho
Walk&Talk Production Direction - Luís Brum
Regional Directorate of Forest Resources (DRRF) - Government of the Azores Lisbon Architecture Triennale

1. Award Fee- 2750,00€
2. Project construction
3. Participation in the Festival- trip to the Azores in July 2020 (up to 2 round trip) + accommodation + food
4. Walk&Talk 2020 Artist List: The authors of the winning project will be included in Walk&Talk’s 2020 Artist List.
1. Honorable Mention Fee -250,00€
2. Recognition Diploma

Entry Fee

16 MAR.: Announcement of the winning project selected by the Jury
16 MAR. - 15 APR.: Preparation of the execution project - work execution dossier - drawings and quantity map:
15 APR. - 29 MAI.: Project Coordination with Walk&Talk Project Manager
1 JUN. - 3 JUL.: Project Implementation
3 JUL.: Deadline for job completion
5 JUL. - 19 JUL.: Use of the Pavilion during the Festival
20 JUL. - 24 JUL.: Disassembly

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