Queen Hur Memorial Park Design Competition, India

Site Area: 55,765㎡/ Estimated Construction Cost: Approximately 9 billion Won.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Architect, Single-Stage, Onymous
Genre Landscape
Country India
RegDeadline 19 August 2016 GoogleCal iCal
23 September 2016 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility Domestic and foreign experts in the fields related to architecture and landscaping

Host : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, KOREA
Location : Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123, India
ŸSite Area : 55,765㎡
Estimated Construction Cost : Approximately 9 billion Won (including VAT)
Estimated Design Fee : Design Fee is approximately 400 million Won, and
Construction Administration Fee is approximately 400 million Won (including VAT)
Design Period : 4 months after the design contract

Not yet announced

1st Prize: Design and Construction Administration Contact
2nd Prize: KRW 30 million
3rd Prize: KRW 20 million
Honorable Mention (5): KRW 10 million each

Entry Fee
100,000 Won


Technical Evaluation: Sep. 26, 2016
ŸJury Session: Sep. 27, 2016 ~ Sep. 28, 2016
Winner Announcement: Sep. 28, 2016

Korean Institute of Architects (KIA)

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