Revitalization of the Riverine Front of Oporto

Revitalization of the river front between D. Pedro V street and Maria Pia Bridge, in Oporto city

Category Idea Competition
Type InternationalUrban D./Archi. Idea Competition
Genre Redevelopment, Urban
Country Portugal
Registration Deadline 31 Oct 2007 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 31 Oct 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Multi-Disciplinary Teams

The Contest for ideas within the Revitalization of the Riverine Front of Oporto in the Zone of Priority Intervention, here from designated as ‘Intervention Area’, has as object finding and awarding a coherent and transversal common idea, as well as physical and pragmatic, doable and sustainable solutions, in an economic-financial perspective, constituting anchors for the revitalization of the river front between D. Pedro V street and Maria Pia Bridge, in Oporto city, at the following levels:

* Re-qualification of the river Douro bank and marginal way;
* Reordering the urban tissue through the filling of gaps, specific projects for available containers, the rehabilitation of the involving buildings and the creation of an urban park at the Guindais Slope;
* Promoting the physical and non material connections between the Riverine Front, Downtown and Oporto city;
* Promoting tourism, culture and leisure, as well as economically compatible activities, turning the Riverine Front into a pole of permanent entertainment for residents and visitors.

Valente de Oliveira (Engineer)
José Carapeto (Architect)
Ricardo Fonseca (Economist)
Francisco Barata Fernandes (Architect)
Eduardo Souto Moura (Architect)
Gonçalo Byrne (Architect)
Rinio Bruttomesso (Architect)
Mário Martins (Engineer)
Ana Martins de Sousa (Lawyer)

Competition Type
Anonymous Competition

1st prize: € 50,000
2nd prize: € 20,000
3rd prize: € 15,000

Entry Fee

- Three panels in A1 format
- Description of the Project: A3 format and must not exceed 20 pages
- Identification form
- etc

Sociedade de Reabilitação Urbana da Baixa Portuense

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