Sea Change 2030+


Sea-Life - NMGS, Queensland, Australia and Chile
James Nash, Michael Marriott, Lydia Gibson, Bec Stephens

CATEGORY 1 : EQUAL FIRST PRIZE Metropolitan Solutions
Subtropical Sydney - OPSYS, USA :
Pierre Bélanger, Miho Mazereeuw, Christina Milos, Andrew tenBrink, Erik Prince, Sarah Thomas

Embassy of the Drowned Nations - OCULUS, Sydney
Bob Earl, Shahreen Alford, Simon Bond, Liam Butt, Katie Cooper, Daniel Firns, Ali Gaunt, Rosie Krauss, Ben Nacard, Simon Trick

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The competition is an opportunity to bring together innovation and potential adaptation solutions to the challenges of sea level rise, using Sydney Harbour as a model urban waterfront.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Award, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Environment, Waterfront
Country Sydney, Australia
RegDeadline 30 June 2010 GoogleCal iCal
30 June 2010 (via Online)
Eligibility Category 1: a professional category which includes university students/ Category 2: an open category which includes primary and secondary school students

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects [AILA] and its competition partners invite individuals and teams to participate in the Sea Change 2030+, an international ideas competition, which will showcase innovative ideas for planning, designing and managing for adaptation to urban sea level rise.
Coastal settlements and infrastructure will be especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change including sea level rise, increased air and sea surface temperature, more frequent and intense storms, ocean acidification, and changes to rainfall and run-off. Sea level rise will cause greater coastal flooding, erosion, loss of wetlands and salt-water intrusion into freshwater sources, with impacts on infrastructure, coastal resources and existing coastal management programmes.
The interface between the built and natural environments is an important part of human settlements in Australia. Developing effective adaptation responses will be critical in reducing the impacts of climate change and can deliver co-benefits such as increased energy or water efficiency.
The aim of the AILA ideas competition is to
- Identify creative solutions for Sydney to adapt to incremental Sea Level Rise, using Sydney Harbour as a case study;
- Foster dialogue on climate change planning between public, private and community stakeholders in the landscape and urban design sector; and
- Increase public awareness of the vulnerability of NSW coastlines and foreshores to the impacts of changing climate.

Allen Kearns (Jury Chair, Commonwealth Scientific Industry and Research Organisation (CSIRO) Climate Adaptation Flagship, Canberra)
Robert Schaefer (Editor ‘TOPOS’ international Journal of landscape architecture and urbanism, Germany)
Sacha Coles (AILA NSW State President)
Adrian McGregor (AILA NSW State Vice President)
Associate Professor Penny Allan (Landscape Architect/Climate Adaptation Educator (Victoria University, Wellington NZ) and former AILA NSW President)
Mark Conlon (State Coordinator, Impacts and Adaptation, Dept Environment Climate Change & Water (DECCW), NSW Government)
Norma Shankie-Williams (Director, Metropolitan and Regional Strategies NSW Department of Planning)
Jury Coordinator - David Martin (Convenor, AILA NSW Climate Adaptation Working Group, Organisational Change/Climate Adaptation policy integration)

Category 1 – Professional and Tertiary Students
1st Prize: 6,000 AUD
2nd Prize: 3,000 AUD
3rd Prize: 2,000 AUD
Category 2A - General: 2,500 AUD
Category 2B - Schools(5 prizes): 500 AUD each

Entry Fee
AUD$110 per entry/ International entries: AUD$100
Category 2B(schools): None

Category 1(Professional and Tertiary Students): 1 x A1 size pdf colour poster
Category 2A(General): 2 x A3 size pdf sheets
Category 2B(Schools): 1 x A3 size pdf sheet

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