12th Shelter Student Architecture Competition 2010


First Prize
「Primitive Way」
Chiba University
Tatsuhiro Kobayashi
Chiba University
Tatsuro Sekine
Chiba University
Ataka Fukui

Second Prize
「Dismantled extension」
Miyagi University
Mitsuhiro Gotoh
Miyagi University
Syohei Yamada

Third Prize
「Free House」
Osaka Institute of Technology
Yoshikazu Saito

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Gonzalo Del Val Marijuan

「HUT of Converge and Phenomenon」
Waseda University
Satoshi Takae
Musashino Art University
Takaaki Murakami

Encouragement Prize
「A Bhuddist's Hut」
Massachusetts Institute of Technolog 
Ekachai Pattamasattaysonthi

「Elastic Huts」
University Of Tsukuba
Chou Hou 
Tatal number of works submitted: 638

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Theme: “Primitive Hut”. We hope that architecture students will grow to become good architects, and design environmentally friendly buildings with quality and value for the future. We publish the results of the competition in a variety of media, as part our mission to promote improvement in our natural and built environments all over the world.

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Students, Two-Stage
Genre Architecture
Country Japan
Registration Deadline 24 September 2010 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 24 September 2010 (Must be Postmarked)
Eligibility Applicants must be currently enrolled at an institution of higher education and must be able to participate in the Dec. 12 public presentation.

Manabu Chiba
Tom Heneghan
Senhiko Nakata
Nobuaki Furuya
Makoto Motokura

First Prize: JPY 500,000
Second Prize: JPY 200,000
Third Prize (3): JPY 50,000 each
Honorable Mention (Several)

Entry Fee

One A2 paper

Submission Address
The Shelter Student Architectural Design Competition Office Shelter Co., Ltd., 1-5-13 Matsue, Yamagata, 990-2473
Tel 023-647-5300

First stage result: October 16
Public presentation: December 12

Past winners

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