Sibbesborg: Competition For Sustainable Community Development

The aim of the competition is to examine how Söderkulla and the Sipoonlahti areas could be developed in accordance with both locally and globally sustainable objectives, now and in the future. It is hoped that the experience gained through the competition may be utilised in the planning of other communities and will help to develop new and advanced concepts for future urban areas.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project/Concept, Open
Genre Community, Sustainability
Country Sipoo, Finland
RegDeadline 30 September 2011 GoogleCal iCal
30 September 2011
Eligibility The competition is open to citizens of all nationalities. At least one of the team members must have the right to practise as an architect in his own country.

During 2011, the municipality of Sipoo will host an open international planning competition for a sustainable community in Sibbesborg. The competition will be organised in co-operation with the Aalto University Department of Architecture, the Finnish Association of Architects, RYM Ltd and the OSKE Centre of Expertise, and is supported, through its sustainable community programme, by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

The competition area is situated in the municipality of Sipoo, around Söderkulla urban district and the Sipoonlahti area. The aim of the competition is to put forward a plan for a community of up to 70,000 – 100,000 residents, with the main emphasis on the centre. In addition to this, the target is to outline the first steps in the extensive implementation process.

The jury appointed by the competition organisers
• Board Chair, Christel Liljeström, Municipality of Sipoo
• Board Member, Hanne Aho, Municipality of Sipoo
• Board Member, Caspar Berntzen, Municipality of Sipoo
• Development Manager, Architect Mikko Aho, Municipality of Sipoo
• Area Development Architect, Landscape Architect, Sirkku Huisko, Municipality of Sipoo
• Senior Architect, D.Tech. Aulis Tynkkynen, Ministry of the Environment

International members of the Jury:
• Professor Wulf Daseking, Director of the Freiburg City Planning Office, Freiburg, Germany
• Professor Patricia McCarney, Founding Director of the Global Cities Program, Toronto, Canada

Members of the jury appointed by the Association of Finnish Architects:
• Architect Marja Sopanen
• Professor, Architect Panu Lehtovuori

1st Prize: €50,000
2nd Prize: €40,000
3rd Prize: €35,000
special prizes: €25,000

As one outcome of the competition, the municipality of Sipoo hopes to find partners for the future planning and development of the area. Based on the results of the competition, the jury will make its recommendations on follow-up operations.

The organiser of the competition reserves the right of ownership of all submissions that are awarded prizes or special prizes, whilst the competitors retain copyright. The material of all the prize-winning submissions becomes the property of the organiser, who reserves the right to use the material for any further planning of Sibbesborg.

Entry Fee

Six A1-size (840 x 594 mm) horizontal stiff display boards, etc.

Submission Address
Sipoon kunta
Kuntala, Iso Kylätie 18,
PL 7
FI-04131 Sipoo

Result announced: December 2011

municipality of Sipoo

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