Memorial to Soviet Occupation Victims


The first prize and 10000 LVL (14200 EUR):
„Vestures taktila"
Author: Kristaps Gelzis
Architect: Ilze Mikelsone
Composer / sonolog: Voldemars Johansons

The second prize and 7000 LVL (9900 EUR):
„Urbis et Orbis"
Author: Stefan Ahlblad, AIA, SAFA
Assistent: Louise Wolfe, ML

The third prize and 5000 LVL (7100 UER):
„18584 dienas"
Author: Leonards Laganovskis

Three consolation prizes and 2000 LVL (2800 EUR) each:
Author: Solveiga Vasiljeva,
„Gimenes fotografija"
Author: Andis Blums,
„Enu akmens"
Author: Girts Burvis
Architect: „Vecumnieks & Berzini" (Benita Berzina, Dainis Berzins un Edvins Vecumnieks)

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The exhibition of the submissions of the contest will be open till December 16 every day from 11 am - 18 pm at Daile Theatre.


The goal of the contest is to produce a concept for a memorial place in the center of Riga the capital of Latvia, and to commemorate the victims and losses of the Latvian nation born within the Soviet regime.

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Idea Competition
Genre Memorial
Country Riga, Latvia
RegDeadline 16 November 2007 GoogleCal iCal
16 November 2007 (Must be Received)
Eligibility Artists and Architects


The ideology of totalitarian communism and its injuries are still not properly evaluated. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and totalitarian communist system at the end of the 20th century, the time has come for this debt to be paid. The Memorial will remind of the people's resistance, commemorate those who suffered, and admonish the future generations against letting ideologies similar to totalitarian communism return and become weapons of the state policy.

By this contest of artists and architects, the Ministry of Culture and the Riga City Council hope to obtain propositions that will respect the openness of the Strelnieku Square towards the river Daugava - the central axis of Riga's urban composition, will unite the qualities of the historic and modern urban space in a new dimension and consider the existing Occupation Museum and its extension, designed by G. Birkerts, as a conformable, spatial, functional and protocolar components of the new Memorial. We hope that the contestants will take advantage of the possibility to transform the level of the land's surface (a new underground parking lot will be designed in the Strelnieku Square taking into account the ideas of the contestants) and will use modern technologies and materials.

Ms. Helēna Demakova, Art Historian, Minister of Culture;
Assistant Chair:
Mr. Jānis Birks, Chair of the Council of Rīga
Mr. Juris Dambis, Head of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection;
Mr. Pēteris Strancis, Director of City Development Department of CR;
Mr. Andis Cinis, Head of Building Administration of the Rīga City;
Mr. Jānis Dripe, Director of Municipal Agency "Architect's Office of the Rīga City";
Prof. Daniel Kündig, Architect ETH/SIA/BSA, President of SIA, International Union of Architects;
Mr. Edgars Treimanis, representative of the Latvian Union of Architects;member of the Board for Preservation and Development of the Historic Centre of Rīga
Mr. Bruno Strautiņš, Prof., representative of the Latvian Union of Artists, Head of Sculpting Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts;
Ms. Gundega Cēbere; Art Historian, expert of sculpture art;
Mr. Richards Pētersons, representative of the Museum of Occupation, art historian, historian;
Mr. Jānis Lapiņš, Chair of the Rīga Association of Politically Retaliated Persons;
Mr. Jānis Lauva, Board Member of the Latvian Union of Politically Retaliated Persons;
Responsible Secretary of Jury:
Ms. Māra Ādiņa, Head of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Unit of The Ministry of Culture

Competition Type

First prize - 10,000 LVL (14,200 EUR)
Second prize - 7,000 LVL (9,900 EUR)
Third prize - 5,000 LVL (7,100 UER)
Three consolation prizes - 2,000 LVL (2,800 EUR) each

The contest organisers may apply a procedure of interviewing inviting the winner of the sketch contest or a winner of a premium or a consolation prize to negotiate a further process and procedure of project realisation. Representatives of both parties may be invited to participate in negotiations.

Entry Fee

Sketch material set containing explanatory note with added drawings (analysis of urban context and substantiation of the submitted solution, general plan, photomontages, visualisations, sectional elevations, plans, models) on hard A1 format panels.

Contest results shall be published in the MC homepage and the project’s homepage not later than two months after the contest’s entry deadline.

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

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