SPACE Prize for International Students of Architecture Design 2009


Cho Jae-won, Kim Min-seong Department of Architecture, Korea National University of Arts

Gu Ji-yoon, Chai Min-yuk Department of Architecture, Korea National University of Visual Arts
Han Myoung-sun Department of space design, Myongji University

Lee Sang-ki, Yeo Ji-youn, Lee Eun-ae Faculty of Architectural Engineering, Sejong University

Park Jeong-woo, Youn Bin, Jeon Byeong-min Department of Architecture, Inha University

Yomna Ahmed Tawfik Abd EL-Rahman, Mirhan Ahmed Assem Damir, Hassan Ahmed Hassan Alexandria University

Lee Jung-woo,Lee Chang-yeop,won Hyo-jin Dept.of Interior Design, Hanyang University

kIM hO Chungju Ntional University

Jung Gun-do, Lee Yong-hwan, Lee Eon-hwa Ajou University

Park Min-young, Kim Won-kyoung, Kim Jin-ho Inje University

Park Dong-cheol, Kim Sun-woo University of Seoul

Koh Eun-jin,Hon Ji-won Hanyang Graduate School of Architecture

Bae Ye-won,Lee Ji-aeDankook University
Lee Yoon-il Sejong University

Seo Han-na, Ha Eun-hye Mokwon University

Park Jae-san, Jung Song-hyun, Han Aera Hanyang University

Jeong Soo-jeong, Ko Dong-kyun, Kang Heum-yong Mokwon University

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Theme “From Form to Unlimited Form: a New Earth, Exodus to Nirvana”, Program “Programmatic Hybrid: a Building with Two Contradictory Uses”

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Students, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Architecture
Country Korea
Registration Deadline 10 July 2009 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 10 July 2009 (Must be Postmarked or Delived by visit)
Eligibility Undergraduate and graduate students (up to 3) up to master's degrees (students on leave of absence included)

Can architecture be an essential tool in the larger enterprise to alter human consciousness? Can architecture be more than a superficial representation of advances made by sociologists, philosophers, psychologists and psychiatrists, who are exploring this new collective consciousness? It remains to be demonstrated that a quiet, present architecture can ground us in a culture that anticipates "New Earth." It is in its tranquility that this architecture becomes formless - a vessel for gentle celebration. In its presence your architecture should ask us to be present within ourselves - not a product of our history or a fragment of our future - just present.
In 1926 the early modernist architect and author, Alberto Sartoris, combined the program of a pub and a church initiating the notion of a “Programmatic hybrid". Either program might be seen as driven by conditions of consciousness and expectations of prescripted forms of behavior; but, each would seem to be the antithesis of the other. For which would you see "Being" and for which would you see "Having"? How might such a programmatic hybrid imply a new consciousness? At a similar moment, in another century, Sartoris made as radical a proposal for the nature of a new architecture as this competition is asking of you. Place this programmatic hybrid - a building with two contradictory uses like a pub and a church - within your world and let it be present, a grounding of a New Earth.
We highly recommend participants to co-work with students in other fields than architecture.

Kang Byeong-joon (Faculty of Architecture, Inje University)
Odile Decq (Odile Decq Benoît Cornette Architects and Urban Planers)

Grand Prize (1): 5 million KRW
1st Prize (1): 2 million KRW
2nd Prize (3): each 1 million KRW
3rd Prize (many): One year Free Subscription to Monthly Magazine Space
* The Grand Prize winning team is given an opportunity to join Space Group, and other prize winners get preferential treatment when they apply to the Space Group.

Entry Fee
50,000 KRW

Less than 20 pages of Power-point File and 2 copies of printed Power-point Images

Submission Address
Secretariat of the 26th Space Prize for International Students of Architectural Design
219, Wonseo-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul,Korea

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