The Stone Barn Meditation Camp architecture competition

This competition encourages participants to create eco-friendly designs for a complex in the heart of Latvia, one of Europe’s greenest countries.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Renovation
Country Vidzeme, Latvia
RegDeadline 12 April 2017 (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
3 May 2017 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

The Stone Barn Meditation Camp will be a haven for those looking to escape the stress of city life; and enjoy quiet contemplation in the countryside. While the complex will focus mainly on organising events and retreats for meditation enthusiasts, there will also be the option of joining yoga camps, kids’ camps, and other small private events. The main focus of the complex is the meditation room, where visitors would be able to meet and practice. In addition, a “silence chamber” must be included, which should be a soundproof, isolated, and dark room. The building should be able to comfortably accommodate a maximum of 20 guests and 10 invited service staff. There will need to be a variety of different sized rooms ranging from single rooms; to double rooms for up to four people per room. Participants must also design a dining room and kitchen that would be able to host and serve all visitors.
The Stone Barn Meditation Camp will continue to be operated by the family who are the current owners. Competition participants must design a comfortable home for the family, as well as accommodation for guests. The host’s private accommodation must be separate from the guest rooms. They can be under the same roof; however, the two areas must be clearly divided. The host family area must provide 2 bedrooms, library, living room, bathroom, and small kitchen.
Participants are also asked to consider the landscape. A covered terrace must be provided to host events in the summer in case of bad weather, as well as a relatively secluded open area that can also be used for meditation.

Alona Martinez - University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
Andrejs Edvards Rauchut - associate professor at RISEBA and a Fulbright grant recipient, Latvia
Audrey McKee - Renzo Piano Building Workshop, France
Brittany Utting - Thomas Phifer and Partners, USA
Carlos M Guimarães – depA, correspondent of A10 magazine, Portugal
Collin Anderson - Renzo Piano Building Workshop, France
Daniel Jacobs - SHoP Architects, New York City, USA
Daphné Karaiskaki - Renzo Piano Building Workshop, France
Eva Cildermane - Sustainability and business development advisor, MSc. Candidate in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford
Gemawang Swaribathoro - OMA, Hong Kong
Gia-Hy Hoang - Agence Christian de Portzamparc, France
Jenna Dezinski - University of Texas, Austin, USA; Alterstudio Architecture, Austin, Texas, USA
John Paul Rysavy - SHoP Architects, New York City, USA; And-Either-Or Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York, USA
John Simons - KPF, USA
Mandy Too - DPA, Singapore
Pangalos Dugasse Feldmann - École Spéciale d’Architecture, France
Pierre-Henri Baudart - Studio Akkerhuis, France
Rajiv J. Fernandez - Tamarkin Co, USA
Simon McGown - CO-office, USA

1ST PRIZE: US $3,000
2ND PRIZE: US $1,500
3RD PRIZE: US $500
SRED Global is committed to the construction of the Stone Barn Meditation Camp during 2017-2018 with all winning and honorable mention designs to be put forward for consideration for the final design of the camp.

Entry Fee
- Early Bird Registration (26 JANUARY - 22 FEBRUARY)
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies: US $90
Students: US $70
- Advance Registration (23 FEBRUARY - 15 MARCH)
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies: US $120
Students: US $100
- Last Minute Registration (16 MARCH - 12 APRIL)
Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies: US $140
Students: US $120

Announcement of the winners: 17 MAY, 2017


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