Streetscape in a New World


1、The Urban Forest
(Team Work: James Wines (USA);Li Wang (Canada);Marc Halle (Canada);Ronghui Li (Canada);Yang Yang (USA))

1、Loading Forest
(Xiong Xin from Tstinghua University)
2、Urban Pixels
( Chen Qingchang-Master in Architecture Design of London University , the Honor member of RIBA, Doctor in Architecture of Tongji University; Wan Ban- Doctor in Architecture of Tongji University)
3、Flaming Cubic /Taihu Rock
(Team Work: Tang Ming,Yang Lihua-Savannah College of Art and Design)

1、Incidental Collage
(Team work: Luoyi Yin Master student, MSAAD, GSAPP, Columbia University of New York City; Ziyu Zhuang, Designer, Pelli Clark Pelli NY; Master, MSAUD, GSAPP, Columbia University of New York City)
2、Keeping and hiding the change
(Fei Yang from Cerritos College, America)
(Team work: Du Le, Zhang Xin from Xi’an Architecture and Technology University)
4、The Future Pastoral of Innovation and Return to Nature
(Ma Jing from China Academy of Art Shanghai Institute of Design)
5、Streetscape Dance
(Team work: Huang He, Li Bing from Design College of Jiang Nan University)
6、Lending Commodities Club
( Zhou Shaocong from Architecture College of Southeast University)

1、An Old Film
(Team work: Chen Ruigang, Luo Yun from Architecture College of Dalian Science and Technology University)


Bringing back enjoyment to streets, back streets to life, and developing streets as a City Life Enabler.

Category Idea Competition / Competition Result / Open to Students
Type International Streetscape Idea Competition
Genre Cityscape, Urban
Country China
Registration Deadline 15 January 2008 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 15 January 2008 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All

There is a street in everyone's heart. In many people's memory, streets are places full of enjoyment. However, with the development of China's modern cities and change of social life styles, streets gradually emerge into a simple kind of functional places for transportation, losing many of its original city life functions, such as communication, direction, designation, receiving information, etc.
As a responsible corporate citizen, New World China Land Limited focuses on paying back to society, attaches great importance to the city public space and life quality. It is now cooperating with di Magazine to jointly hold the 'Streetscape in a New World' International Competition of Urban Streetscape Design, aiming to bring enjoyment back to streets, streets back to life, and developing streets as City Life Enabler.

Site A: Chongwenmenwai Street in the Chongwen District of Beijing
Site B: Shanghai Huaihaizhong Road

Zhen Shiling, Ma Qingyuan, Zhu Wenyi, Wang Weiqiang, Alex Krieger, Jean-Paul Viguier, Xiaoou David Chen

1st Prize, 1 person, 60,000 RMB traveling fund
2nd Prize, 3 persons, 20,000 RMB traveling fund
3rd Prize, 6 persons, 10,000 RMB traveling fund
Public Choice Prize, 1 person, 20,000 RMB traveling fund
The di Magazine will publish the winners in its April issue.

Entry Fee

Unrestricted Pictures (at least 2), Size: 841mm×594mm (A1).
Single picture should be in JPG and the resolution should be 150dpi.

New World China Land Limited., di Magazine

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