TAIWAN TOWER Conceptual Design International Competition


First Prize
Participant: DORIN STEFAN Nationality: Romania
Joint Participant: CRACIUN MIHAI BOGDAN Nationality: U.S.A.

Second Prize
Participant: Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau Limited Nationality: U.K.

Third Prize
Participant: Irma Maria Coello Munoz Nationality: Spain
Joint Participant: Leticia Gemma Montero Amice Nationality: Spain
Tomer Shimon Kenin Nationality: ISRAEL
Alvaro Guinea Martin Nationality: Spain

Honorable Mentions (5 Entries)
1. Participant: Pablo Gil Martinez Nationality: Spain
Joint Participant: Jaime Bartolome Yllera Nationality: Spain

2. Participant: NICOLAS LAISNE ARCHITECT Nationality: France

3. Participant: SPATIAL PRACTICE LTD Nationality: Switzerland

4. Participant:CYS.ASDO Nationality: R.O.C.

5. Participant: Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts, Vienna Nationality: Austria
Joint Participant: Ma, Tze Chung
Liu, Chien-Sheng
Wan, Xinyu
Icdem, Emre
Adviser: Steven Ma

Merit Awards (11 Entries)
1. Participant: Arch, PIERGIORGIO SEMERANO Nationality: Italy

2. Participant: DIOGO BRITO PEREIRA Nationality: Portugal
Joint Participant: ALFREDO MUNOZ HERRERO Nationality: U.S.A.

3. Participant: Michael Arellanes II Principal, MA2 Nationality: U.S.A.

4. Participant: WONG Hin Fai Nationality: H.K.
Joint Participant: LEE Tin Wan Nationality: H.K.

5. Participant: Little Nationality: U.S.A.

6. Participant: Decode Urbanism Office Limited Nationality: U.K.

7. Participant: Softgrid Limited Nationality: U.K.

8. Participant: Zhang Junfu Architect Nationality: R.O.C.

9. Participant: J. M. Lin Architect, P.C. New York Nationality: R.O.C.

10. Participant: Design Section, Graduate School of Architecture, Tunghai University Nationality: R.O.C.
Joint Participant: Wang Wei-Hsiang Nationality: R.O.C.
Wu Bojun Nationality: R.O.C.
Lai Kochan Nationality: R.O.C.
Liu Bingcheng Nationality: R.O.C.
Tsai Yu Wei Nationality: R.O.C.
Adviser: Simon Chih-Feng Shu Nationality: R.O.C.

11. Participant: Wa Gan International Design Co., Ltd. Nationality: R.O.C.

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To commemorate the centennial anniversary of the founding of Taiwan, R.O.C. and celebrate the merger between Taichung County and Taichung City, the Taichung City government will erect “Taiwan Tower” as an important landmark in the new special municipality.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project/Conceptual Design, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Tower
Country Taiwan
RegDeadline 21 October 2010 GoogleCal iCal
2 November 2010 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

Yucheng Ann
Marcos Cruz
Craig Hodgetts
Watanabe Kunio
J.J. Pan
David Tseng
Junjieh Wang

One First Prize: NT$ 4,000,000(Approximately US$ 130,000)
One Second Prize: NT$ 2,000,000(Approximately US$ 65,000)
One Third Prize: NT$ 500,000(Approximately US$ 16,000)
Five Honorable Mentions: NT$ 100,000(Approximately US$ 3,200) for each
Ten Merit Awards: Certificate of Award

Entry Fee

A1 size, not exceed six (6) pages, 3D Animation, etc.

Announcement of winners: 2010/11/05

Taichung City Government, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Official Website