Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park

The aims of the competition for Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park in Nanhu District of Tangshan city are to upgrade the landscape and provide a place to the citizens for memorial activities.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students
Type International Architecture Project Competition
Genre Memorial
Country China
RegDeadline 10 July 2007 GoogleCal iCal
23 July 2007
Eligibility All

On July 28, 1976, a severe earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale happened in Tangshan and 240,000 lives were lost. It was one of the 10 most severe natural disasters of the 20th century. Almost all buildings were damaged and had collasped causing a direct pecuniary lost of 3 billion Chinese Yuan. After the earthquake, Tangshan had undertaken the task of reconstruction of the city for about 10 years; an additional 10 years for renascence and another 10 years for fast economic redevelopment. Nanhu district has rich natural resources and many clues to the city's history, it is the most important context for the building of a new urban space for the city. In 2005, an international competition was launched for the Urban Design of Nanhu district, Latz + Partner Landschaftsarchi Tekten Planner from Germany won the first prize.

The Memorial Park's Program:
The master plan of the Memorial Park, the design concept for the protection of the ruin, the monument or a place for memorial activities, the place and space of the museum (building design is not required).

The Architectural Society of China / Tangshan Urban Planning Bureau

The jury consists of 7 professionals.

Competition Type
The jury will select 20 entries into a short list at the first round, then the jury members vote anonymously for the prize winners.

1 First prize: 20,000 USD + Design Commission
3 Second prizes: 6,000 USD
6 Third prizes: 3,000 USD
10 Special Mentions: no prize

Entry Fee

Two A1 papers with a disc of this two A1 digital images

End of August 2007: Publication of the result of the competition

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