Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space 2008


269 submissions came in from over 20 countries.

1st Place and an award of $1000 goes to Amy Wynne and Mark Leveno of Los Angeles, CA

2nd Place and an award of $500 goes to Toshihiro Kimura and Masaki Kanno of YoYogi, Tokyo, Japan

3rd Place and an award of $500 goes to Peter Lingamfelter and Taylor Medlin of Berkeley, CA

The following list (in no particular order) are the Honorable Mentions that will also be included in TOGS gallery presentations.
Gerald Colombo and Micah Land of Austin, TX;
Jon McDonald and Shanna Hensler-McDonald of Chicago, IL;
Kailin Gregga and Ivan Chabra of Brooklyn, NY;
Timothy Rodgers and Leeanne Marshal of Melbourne, VIC, Australia;
Graig Delany of Highland Village, TX;
Yuan Ren of New Haven, CT;
Tan Ton and Tim McCutcheon of Arlington, TX;
Kay Kulinna and Katharina-Magdalena Rieger of Oschatz, Germany;
Alexander Sassaroliof Astoria, NY;
Travis McCarra and Vaiva Simoliunaite of League City, TX;
Kevin Cherek, and Carmen Delgado of Dallas, TX;
Nauleau Boris of Nantes, France.


The purpose of this Design Competition will generate proposals for a secure temporary space for the exhibit of fine art. The outdoor setting requires that the proposed prototype provide both protection for and exhibition of juried works (during the day as well as evening). Unifying the exhibition through temporary architectural spaces that facilitate and enhance the installation of work by selected artists.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type Temporary Architecture Project Competition
Genre Gallery, Temporary-Structure
Country Austin, Texas
RegDeadline 22 February 2008 GoogleCal iCal
24 March 2008 GoogleCal
Eligibility Any architecture or interior design professional/student who has completed their education within 10 years of the competition announcement is eligible. Student applicants must be in their final year of architecture/interior design school or enrolled in an


Phase I of Program - Requirements
1. Successful TOGS proposals will push the limits of creativity for viewing art. Within the confines of a 10'-0" x 10'-0" x 12'-0 or 10'-0" x 20'-0" x 12'-0 structure, the space provided will operate much like a gallery. Designers must keep in mind that the space is temporary and exposed to outdoor elements.

2. Design proposals must identify a temporary means of installation for the TOGS, provide illustrations for how the TOGS reinvent the outdoor exhibition space, and how various art mediums can be displayed. For the purposes of this competition, the context of the site is to be utilized. Ultimately, the TOGS could be installed in any location.

3. Designs are to illustrate proper accessibility for the public and prove flexibility with regard to the installation of various art mediums.

Designs are encouraged to incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Evaluation of designs will be based on the following criteria:
- Meets program requirements
- Shows innovation in design
- Integration of the TOGS into the site
- Flexibility in presenting various art mediums

Phase II of Program
While Phase I asks that entrants push the limits of the TOGS, all attempts will be made to produce a full-scale version of the TOGS in Phase II. The winner will be invited to collaborate with a local architect to realize a working proposal. Local codes and restrictions will apply and the TOGS will need to meet any and all local laws where applicable. A budget for the TOGS will be established in Phase II and the feasibility of construction will be part of the final execution. The entrant may wish to consider these limitations that would be necessary for the execution of a full-scale prototype, but it is not required for the Ideas Competition of Phase I.


Architects/Designers: Louise Harpman and Goil Amornvivat
Gallery Representative: Wally Workman
Museum Representatives: Dana Friis-Hansen and Elizabeth Dunbar

Judging Process

- Grand Prize: $1,000 US. Every attempt will be made to building the winning design as part of Phase II during Art City Austin 2009. The winning design will be published in various art and architecture publications.
- Second prize: $500 US
- Third prize: $250
- Top 10 entries: Exhibition at various events through out Art Week Austin 2008 and at Art City Austin 2008.

Entry Fee
US $35

Presentation Board Portrait format, 24" x 36" (60cm x 90cm) mounted on board, etc.

Winner announcement: April 09, 2008

Art Alliance Austin / AIA Austin

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