Toftegard Square South Idea Competition

The Technical and Environmental Committee of the City of Copenhagen has decided to launch a competition to obtain ideas for the creation of an active city square that will be an asset in the development of Toftegard Square South (15,000m2), generating life and atmosphere in this part of the city.

Category Idea Competition
Type Architecture Idea Competition
Genre Landscape, Public, Transportation
Country Copenhagen, Denmark
RegDeadline 14 May 2008 GoogleCal iCal
14 May 2008 (Must be Postmarked, See "Timetable" below)
Eligibility All

Toftegard Square South has remained largely unused for several years. In its current form it far from reflects the fact that it is one of the most important and most distinctive gateways to Copenhagen.
The intention is to create a square that adds symbolic value to the city district and is characterised by a high functional and architectural quality and high-quality urban spaces. The new square must be part of and conducive to the ongoing development that will turn southern Valby into one of the most interesting areas in Copenhagen.
Another purpose of the competition is to determine whether it would be a good idea to include new buildings in the future layout and organisation of the square. For this reason, competition winners may be selected in two different categories: the best proposal for a square without new buildings and the best proposal for a square into which new buildings are integrated.
One purpose of the competition is to create a broad, versatile debate about the area so the potential of Toftegard Square South can be identified. With this competition brief we wish to inspire all interested parties to present creative and effervescent proposals for the future use and design of the square.

Kristian Nabe-Nielsen, head of division, Construction and Tenders Department (chair)
Niels Tørsløv, director, Traffic Department
Jesper Dahl, head of division, Urban Design Department
Jan Christiansen, city architect, Technical and Environmental Administration
Merete Evers Dewilde, director, Culture and Leisure Department
Christian Hartmann, head of department, ATP Ejendomme
Ejner Jensen, chairman, Valby Local Comittee
Kenneth A. Balfelt, artist
Eva Jarl Hansen, architect MAA, appointed by the Architects’ Association
Lisbeth Westergaard, landscape architect MAA MDL, appointed by the Architects’ Association

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

A minimum amount of DKK 500,000 has been set aside as prize/purchase money.
The jury may distribute an additional sum of DKK 250,000 if justified by the number and quality of entries.
A first prize will amount to a minimum of DKK 150,000. The balance will be distributed at the discretion of the jury. No prize or purchase will amount to less than DKK 5000 per entry.

Entry Fee

From one A1 board to 1.2 m (height) x 2.52 m (length) (three A0 boards, less than 0.5 m2)
Reduced versions included in the A3 booklets and A CD/DVD with the digital data

Submission deadline: Must be Received by 19 May 2008
The assessment of entries: at the beginning of July 2008
Announcement of the result: at and

The Technical and Environmental Committee of the City of Copenhagen

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