Socio Design Foundation - 2011 Monthly Vignette Competition

Each monthly competition is a design concept to which applicants submit an architectural, spatial response through a single vignette. While entries are limited to a single vignette, they can be expressed through any medium: architectural design, photography, sculpture, etc. Can you distill your ideas into a single vignette?

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Architecture
Country United States
RegDeadline 25 November 2011 GoogleCal iCal
30 December 2011 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All

Monthly Competitions and Dates
January – Hospice
February – Becoming Ash
March – Birth
April – Return to the City: Suburban Sprawl after We Leave
May – After War: Transition Space between War and Home
June – Pattern-Making, Pattern-Tracing: Teaching Analysis
July – Human Value with Over-Population
August – Public Appropriation
September – Gentrified: Carving out Space for the Homeless after Gentrification
October – Fringe Architecture
November – Translucent Justice
December – Breaking from Plato’s Cave

January: 12.31.10 (registration deadline); 01.28.11 (submission deadline)
February: 01.28.11 (registration deadline); 02.25.11 (submission deadline)
March: 02.25.11 (registration deadline); 03.25.11 (submission deadline)
April: 04.01.11 (registration deadline); 04.29.11 (submission deadline)
May: 04.29.11 (registration deadline); 05.27.11 (submission deadline)
June: 05.27.11 (registration deadline); 06.24.11 (submission deadline)
July: 06.24.11 (registration deadline); 07.29.11 (submission deadline)
August: 07.29.11 (registration deadline); 08.26.11 (submission deadline)
September: 08.26.11 (registration deadline); 09.23.11 (submission deadline)
October: 09.23.11 (registration deadline); 10.28.11 (submission deadline)
November: 10.28.11 (registration deadline); 11.25.11 (submission deadline)
December: 11.25.11 (registration deadline); 12.30.11 (submission deadline)

Due to the quick nature of the monthly competitions, all entries will be evaluated in-house.

$100 (US$) and, with participant’s permission, publication on SDF website.

Entry Fee
Early Registration Fees:
• $15 (US$) – 1st entry per monthly competition
• $12 (US$) – each additional entry per month
Registration Fees:
• $18 (US$) – 1st entry per monthly competition
• $15 (US$) – each additional entry per month

One vignette as a pdf, limited to 100 square inches (645 square cm)

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