New building of Viljandi Hospital and Health Centre

The main aim of the architectural competition for the new hospital and health centre of Viljandi Hospital is to find the best integrated spatial solution for the building.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Open, Two-Stage
Genre Medical-Facility
Country Viljandi, Estonia
RegDeadline 25 September 1 November 2018 GoogleCal iCal
25 September 1 November 2018 GoogleCal
Eligibility Must involve an architect who is professionally certified within the meaning of the relevant regulation of a Member State of the EU or a country that is a signatory to the government procurement agreement of the WTO and a medical technology specialist who

The architectural solution and smart planning of a hospital undoubtedly play a very important role in saving patients’ lives and ensuring that their treatment is a success. As such, Viljandi Hospital has launched a competition to find the best team to face the many and varied challenges – some of them rarely encountered – in creating our new complex.
Planned to open in Estonia’s capital of culture in 2023, the new building of Viljandi Hospital and Health Centre is far from being just another new hospital. It is much more than that. There may not be many of us here in Viljandi County – just 50,000 at last count – and even though we are 160 km from the Estonian capital Tallinn and 210 km from the Latvian capital Rīga, we are making health care history. You now have the opportunity to be part of that.
At the same time as the hospital and health centre is being designed, the health and social system for our entire county will be restructured. But it is bigger even than that: a truly unique project, the first of its kind, in Estonia as a whole, and probably anywhere in the Baltic region. Its aim is to bring all of the links in the very long chain of treatment and social services together symbiotically under one roof and to get them working, promptly and flexibly, as one team to save people’s lives. We want to take the management and quality of medical services to a new level. We will not settle for anything less. Working with the best architects, we want to transform Viljandi Hospital – which was founded in the mid-19th century – into a complex that acts as a signpost of innovation in the social sphere and field of health care for the development of the hospital network throughout the surrounding region. Following the success of our hospital, the plan is to build centres with similar concepts in other Estonian cities, and perhaps even beyond.

Priit Tampere, Chairman of the jury | CEO, Viljandi Hospital
Oliver Alver, Architect, Union of Estonian Architects
Sakari Forsman, Architect, Finnish Association of Architects
Marje Metsur-Benzel, Representative of family physicians
Enno Parker, Project Manager for Development, Riigi Kinnisvara AS
Olav Remmelkoor, Chief Architect & Head of Architecture Department, Viljandi City Government
Emil Urbel, Architect, Union of Estonian Architects

A contract for the designing of the building shall be entered into with the winner.
1st place: 20 000 euros
2nd place: 15 000 euros
3rd place: 10 000 euros
Two incentive awards valued at 7500 euros each

Entry Fee

Competition entries must be submitted in either Estonian or English. The working language of the design stage shall be Estonian.
We recommend that foreign participants find a cooperation partner in Estonia.

Deadline for the submission of Stage 2 works: 28 January 2019
Announcement of the winning entry: 28 February 2019

Viljandi Hospital, Estonian Association of Architects

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