Women and Family Complex Facility 『Space Salim』 Construction Design Competition


1st prize: Jungwoo Choi(units ua, Republic of Korea)

2nd prize: Marco Tanzilli(TARI ARCHITECTS, ITALY)

3rd prize: Daegon Go(Ga.A Architects, Republic of Korea)

4th prize: Changhoon Shin(Unsangdong architects Cooperation)

5th prize: Jennifer Lee(OBRA ARCHITECTS, USA)


Seoul Metropolitan City executes a design contest targeting native and foreign experts in order to construct a women and family complex facility, ‘Space Salim’.

Category Project Competition / Competition Result
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Onymous
Genre Public
Country Seoul, Korea
RegDeadline 6 June 2016 GoogleCal iCal
17 June 2016 GoogleCal
Eligibility Any native and foreign experts of architecture, landscape, and urban design

The place where will be located, Daebang-dong 340-3 and 3 other lots, is where U.S. army base 'Camp Grey' was located for 55 years until 2007 when they returned it. Seoul Women Plaza next to this site was 'Seoul Women Shelter' which accommodates prostitutes, runaway dementia elderly, and vagrants from 1962 to 1998. This is a place where division, poverty and difficult life of woman is intactly accumulated and the pain of our modern and contemporary history transmit to us as is. We want to re-create a dark, "death" space where you don't even want to get nearby and wish to disappears into a "saving (Salim)" space where saves women and families.
New Women and Family Complex Facility will be a "Saving (Salim)" space where saves relationship with families and households of women. This is a place where experiment and expand unresolved age-old issues, such as, collapse of social relation network, lack of communication among family members, women's low participation on economic activities, which stagnated for 20 years, and stagnant of gender inference, in new and interesting ways.

Seunghoy Kim (KYWC Architects, professor of Department of Architecture, Seoul National University)
Junsung Kim (hANd, professor of Graduate School of Architecture, Konkuk University)
Jean Son (Ison Architects)
Daeseung Woo(Architects op'us, a member of Seoul Commission on Architectural Policy)
Seok Jung (University of Seoul)
Sora Kim (an associate professor of Architecture Department of Institute of Urban Science, University of Seoul)
Kumok Kim (a director of Women's Future Center)

1st Place (winner): Right for preparing Design Development and Construction Document
2nd Place: 40 million KRW
3rd Place: 30 million KRW
4th Place: 20 million KRW
5th Place: 10 million KRW

Confirm of Intention to Submit: June 7 ~June 8, 2016
Technical Review: June 20, 2016
Design Review (1st): June 22, 2016
Design Review (2nd): June 29, 2016
1st place and prize winners announcement: June 30, 2016
Awards Ceremony and Exhibition: July 8, 2016
Expected Construction Start and End Date: August 2017 Break Ground, Complete in August 2018

Seoul Metropolitan Government

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