WORLD Space Creators Awards 2008


Professional Interior Design Category
Grand Prize
Ichiro Shinkai (Japan) Name of work: The Gold Digger
Solovieva Valentina Vasilevna (Russian Federation) Name of work: Hands and Fingers
TAKATOSHI KIMACHI (Philippines) Name of work: STYLE FORM
Naoei Sakai (Japan) Name of work: Steel Rack
Takumi Nakai (Japan) Name of work: Punto in Air
Masahiro Minami (Japan) Name of work: Sylvan
Mitsuyo Yabuki (Japan) Name of work: a lacy cathedral

Professional Visual Design Category
Grand Prize
Kazuhiro Kamiyama + Junichi Horikawa (Japan) Name of work: Kinetic Shop
Takahiro Ikejima (Japan) Name of work: Hands and Fingers
Tomoko Nagata (Japan) Name of work: 1% SAMPLE system
Kozue Murata (Japan) Name of work: Mono Iu Tag

Student Category
Grand Prize
Chika Fujita (Japan) Name of work: Aurora
Outstanding Performance Award
Mio Tsuneyama / Cédric Liardet (Switzerland) Name of work: Surfing on sofa
Nathalia Canamary and Artur Cordeiro (Brazil) Name of work: White Aroma
Youichi Isobe (Japan) Name of work: Walk Shopping
Mayumi Hayashi (Japan) Name of work: Reversi
Kei Muraki (Japan) Name of work: Clothes In an alleyway Fluttering On a Breeze


The WORLD Space Creators Awards ask design professionals and students to envision a new concept in shop style, a venue conceived to promote “customer-to-shop interaction”. Winning designers to be commissioned to be part of a team to use their winning design in a project for real retail space development.

Category Competition Result / Open to Students / Project Competition
Type International Architectural Project Competition
Genre Shop
Country Japan
Registration Deadline 31 January 2008 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 31 January 2008 (via Online)
Eligibility All

Submissions should be based on the premise that they can be used for executing development of a shop for one of WORLD’s brands. Submissions are considered on the basis of contributing to development of interior design, shop display, communication tools, etc.
Entrants are free to specify the shop’s name or not.
WSCA is looking for original ideas that are unbounded by conventional thinking.
1. Interior design award: Floor space should be no greater than 170m2; there are no restrictions on shape or height
2. Visual design award: Window display, mannequin, fixtures, art, logo, new means of expressing ideas through signage and other communication tools; modeling and such points are unrestricted

Naoto Fukasawa, designer
Takeshi Nakasa, photographer (Nácasa & Partners)
Atsushi Nakamichi, photographer (Nácasa & Partners)
Yoichi Nakamuta, design editor (E&Y Co., Ltd.)
Yasuo Kondo (interior designer)
Visual Merchandising Division, WORLD Co., Ltd.

Competition Type
First round: to be conducted by the WORLD Co. Visual Merchandising Division
Final round: to be conducted by WSCA judges

Professional Competition
* Interior Design Award (open number of winners): Winners will be invited to be part of new project development for WORLD in 2008.
* Visual Design Award (open number of winners): Winners will be invited to be part of new project development for WORLD in 2008.
Commissioned projects may differ slightly from the winning proposals, or winning proposals may be only partially adopted, depending on outline of new projects.
The form, terms and timing of project contracts will be determined subject to discussion between WORLD Co., Ltd. and winner(s).

Student Competition
1st Prize (1 winner) : Interior/Visual Display (combined): ¥200,000
Honorable Mention (open number of winners) : ¥50,000

Entry Fee

No more than 4 files (formats: JPEG and PDF, no more than 8MB in total)
Document (in either English or Japanese and no longer than 400 words in English or 800 characters in Japanese)

Winners will be notified in writing by the middle of March 2008.
Winning entries will be announced on the WORLD website at the beginning of April.

Past winners

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