WORLD Space Creators Awards 2009

WSCA is looking for ideas for new shop styles, new spaces for objects and people to come together. Your winning design will be built as an actual shop.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Shop
Country Japan
RegDeadline 30 January 2009 GoogleCal iCal
30 January 2009 (Must be Received)
Eligibility All

Jury president: Naoto Fukasawa, product designer
Other jury members:
Nácasa & Partners: Takeshi Nakasa, photographer / Atsushi Nakamichi, photographer
Yasuo Kondo, interior designer
Yoichi Nakamuta, design editor
Jamo associates: Norito Takahashi, designer / Chinatsu Kambayashi, stylist
graf: Shigeki Hattori, designer
Interior Visual Merchandising Division, WORLD Co., Ltd.

Professional Competition:
Interior Design Category - open number of winners
Visual Design Category - open number of winners
Winners in each category will be invited to be part of new project development for WORLD beginning in 2009.
*Although the WSCA is based on the premise that winning submissions will be realized, the project contract may specify changes in the submitted work due to the nature of the project involved.
*The detailed terms, timing, and form of the project will be determined subject to discussion between WORLD Co., Ltd. and the winner(s).

Student Competition:
Student Grand Prize:
To be awarded to the superlative submission in either interior or visual design:
- 1 winner: Gift certificates worth ¥200,000
Outstanding Performance Award:
To be awarded to submissions meeting the jury’s selection criteria.
- open number of winners: Gift certificates worth ¥50,000

Entry Fee

No more than 4 files (formats: JPEG and PDF, no more than 8MB in total)

Result announcement: middle of March 2009

Past winners

World Co., Ltd.

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