Urban design competition for the Yujiapu District, in Tianjin Binhai New Area, China

The People‘s Government of Tanggu District announces an international ideas competition, for the urban design of Yujiapu District, the TBNA CBD in Tianjin Municipality. This is an international competition by invitation, following a pre-selection procedure, and will be adjudicated anonymously.

Category Project Competition
Type International Architecuture/Urban Design Project Competition
Genre Urban
Country Tianjin, China
RegDeadline 15 October 2007 GoogleCal iCal
15 October 2007 (via Email)
Eligibility Architect and Urban planner

The aim of this competition is to specify the orientation of planning and development, to establish implementation concept for the overall form of the urban area and build the image of TBNA as a financial and commercial center. This competition will provide the basis for the future planning and management which will guide the development of the area.

The urban planning programme includes the general layout of a 3. 44 km2 area and the design of a 500 000 m2 financial and commercial city centre.

Main selection criteria
- Applicants who have undertaken an urban design of a central urban area larger than 1 km2 will be given the priority to participate.
- The design awards (both domestic and international) conferred on the main architects and planners.

Simon Allford (architect, United Kingdom, UIA representative)
Stig L. Andersson (architect, Denmark)
Bruno Fortier (architect, town planner, France)
Michael Sorkin (architect, USA)
Deci Zou (town planner,China)
Kai Cui (architect, China)
Zhengshan Wang, Local Government representative, China

Competition Type
Pre-selection + Competition Stage, Anonymous Competition
Through a pre-selection procedure, the technical committee will select 8 entrants to be invited to participate in the competition.

1st Prize: 1,400,000 RMB
2nd Prize: 800,000 RMB
3rd Prize: 600,000 RMB
Entrants whose entry meets the above requirements will receive 300,000 RMB as the honorarium for the design from the promoter.

The first prize winner of the competition should carry out the follow-up design according to the comments of the jury and the promoter. The contents of the follow-up design are to improve the urban design of the central area in Yujiapu District, the TBNA CBD (500,000m2) and work out the guiding principle for the design of buildings in the central area. The promoter and design team shall negotiate and decide the follow-up contract.

Entry Fee

Announcement of the nomination of the entrants: November 5th, 2007
Announcement of the results of the Competition: March 26th, 2008

The people’s government of Tanggu District / UIA

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