Chichen Itzá 2008 - Lodge-Museum in Yucatan


1st Prize: Ming Tang, Dihua Yang (China)
2nd Prize: Ricardo Moreno, Carina Costa, Fillip Nascimento, Patricia Soares, Bruno Gonlves (Portugal)
3rd Prize: Phillip Plowright, Steven Nielsen (USA)



ARQUITECTUM’s desire to organize this contest of ideas, as with our previous contests, stems from the need to recreate a new type of lodge. A new design is needed, one that stays away from the folk resort or themed hotel models. A design that with originality and creativity proposes an element of contemporary aspirations (more interested in “celebrating” the archaeological setting than on imposing its morphologic characteristics).

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International Architecture Idea Competition
Genre Museum
Country United States
RegDeadline 7 Janualy 2008 (extended) GoogleCal iCal
7 Janualy 2008 (via Internet)
Eligibility Architecture Students and Architects


The “Lodge‐Museum” to be designed is meant to be a new worldwide prototype model of lodge housing, its main
purpose being the enjoyment of the landscape and environment, not the level of comfort it brings.
Within this scheme, the “Lodge‐Museum” is more a place to be, rather than a place to be in: of enjoyment of the context before the enjoyment of the infrastructure. In this way the environment is freed of excessive contaminating residues produced by the heavy rotation of visitors. Higher value is placed on the temporary and active experiencing of the event itself (observation of the citadel) rather than on the efficiency and complexity that the installations may offer for a longer term stay.
This Lodge‐Museum is meant to be a next generation type of lodging, a self sufficient refuge whose service plan is based on contemporary parameters of “zero ecological impact” which will promote a new kind of habitability, such as self service or self generation of energy; of basic maintenance, with a minimal team of employees for cleaning and medical needs; and the virtual elimination of waste residue through communal hygienic facilities, classification of residue according to biodegradability, and use of clean energy sources. The goal of this shelter is to promote a new model of lodging in which tourists, with a minimum of luggage, can enjoy a clean, safe and economical place where they can spend a night and wake up around of the Citadel as well as enjoy, as part of their permanence‐ a trip inside the Maya’s Cultures in special museum incorporated inside the own Lodge.

Jury members are FIRST PRIZE WINNER of the NEW YORK 2007 Urban Competition
Julien Rouseau (United Kingdom)
Luca Battaglia (Italy)
Ulisse Gnesda (Italy)

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

1st PRIZE: US $ 5 000.00
2nd PRIZE: US $ 1,000

Entry Fee
Early Registration: US $ 100 From October 1 to November 12
Late Registration: US $ 150 From November 13 to December 31

Two (2) digital images (2600 x 3500 pixels) and Personal data

Winners Announced: February 1st, 2008
Online Exhibition: April 1st, 2008


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