Competition on High-voltage Transmission Line Towers

The goal of the competition is to get ideas on the type and appearance of a tower or towers for a 220 kV high-voltage transmission line. Landsnet emphasizes that the visual impact of the towers (for the line) shall be specifically examined in this competition, and that the competitors present proposals on the detailing of towers, taking this into account as much as possible, and this means towers (for the line) both near urban areas and in unsettled areas.

Category Other Competition / Open to Students
Type Idea Competition
Genre Tower
Country Reykjavík, Iceland
RegDeadline 28 March 2008 GoogleCal iCal
28 March 2008 (See “Timetable”)
Eligibility All


It is up to the competitors whether
a) all towers shall have a new look
b) individual towers in a selected environment shall have a new/changed look
c) the look of known types of towers will be changed one way or another
d) the tower/s shall blend well into the landscape and urban areas – or
e) the tower/s shall be prominent in specified locations

The main goals of the competition are
• to evoke ideas for a new type or types of towers
• to bring forth an idea for the total overall look of the line routes
• to bring forth a proposal for a tower/towers that can be further developed with

Thórdur Gudmundsson, President of Landsnet, Chairman of the Selection Committee
Árni Stefánsson, Technical and Asset Manager of Landsnet
Rolv Geir Knudsen, former Vice-president of Statnett's Technical Division
Jes Einar Thorsteinsson, architect FAÍ
Örn Thór Halldórsson, architect FAÍ
Sigrídur Sigurdardóttir, architect, Línuhönnun hf.
Selection Committee’s consultants:
Árni Björn Jónasson, Línuhönnun hf
Jón Bergmundsson, Verkfrædistofan Afl

Judging Process
One-Stage, Anonymous Competition

30,000 EUR Total

Entry Fee
10 EUR

1(one) A1 drawing

- Deadline: Proposals shall be delivered to the confidant, at the office of the Association of Icelandic Architects at Engjateigur 9, 2nd floor, 105 Reykjavík, no later than 28 March 2008, 17:00 Icelandic time.
It is sufficient for proposals to be mailed or delivered for air service before the deadline. Proposals will not be accepted more than five days after the deadline.
- Result: 18 April 2008

Landsnet hf. / Association of Icelandic Architects

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