Concurso Internacional Parque de Valdebebas

The aim of the competition is to secure the services of a multidisciplinary team that will plan and design a new urban park of approximately 80 hectares in Parque de Valdebebas. The design should resolve the transition between the urban area currently being developed and the adjacent forest park. Of utmost importance will be the proposed uses and their suitability for the scale and location of the park. To this end the winning design will need to make the most of the planning, landscape, environmental and social opportunities offered by the site.

Category Project Competition
Type International, Project, Restricted, Two-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Landscape
Country Madrid
Registration Deadline 16 April 2009 GoogleCal iCal
Submission Deadline 16 April 2009
Eligibility Multidisciplinary teams or legal entities whose corporate objectives are in line with the objective of the competition, led by a team leader with a specific degree in landscape architecture, architecture or engineering related to the objective of the competition, and possessing documented experience in landscaping projects, are eligible to participate in the competition. This leader, or another representative of the team, must also be qualified to practice in Spain and able to draft and process an implementation project. The multidisciplinary team can include experts in any of the professional, scientific, technical or artistic fields associated with landscaping.

Mr. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, Mayor of Madrid, or the person he appoints
Ms. Ana Botella, delegate for the Department of the Environment, or the person she appoints.
Mr. Luis Federico Sepúlveda González, Director General of Patrimonio Verde, or the person he appoints.
A forestry engineer of reputable competence appointed by mutual agreement between the Forestry Engineers’ Professional Association and the Competition Organiser.
Two architects of reputable competence appointed by mutual agreement between the COAM (Professional Association of Architects of Madrid) and the Competition Organiser.
Two landscape architects of reputable competence appointed by mutual agreement between the AEP (Spanish Landscape Architects’ Association) and the Competition Organiser.
One representative of the Urban Land Institute.
Two representatives of the Valdebebas Compensation Board.

The 6 finalists resulting from the first phase will receive an honorarium of 10,000 € to help cover costs.

First prize: 45,000 € and contract to develop construction documents
Second prize: 30,000 €
Third prize: 15,000 €
3 honorable mentions: 10,000 €

Entry Fee

Maximum of 3 A1 panels including design statement

Deadline for Second phase proposals: 30 June 2009

City Council of Madrid / Parque de Valdebebas Owners´ Management Board

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