Roaming Rome


Professionals category

1°- Vitaly Kononov
2°- Francesco Castiglione Morelli
3°- Paolo Buatti
4°- Giacomo Sanna, Alessandra Rapaccini
5°- Lilia Rossi, Grit Hartung
6°- Valentina Lucherini
7°- Mauro Amoruso
8°- Resa Gartner
9°- Christian Heuchel
10°-Fabio Santarossa

Student category

1° - Francesco Telese
2°-Ylenia Borghetti, Sara Berola
3°-Francesco Toselli
4°- Carolina Pinto, Stefano Vincenzi, Giulia Frattale
5°-Laura Boffi, Jacek Barcikowski

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The magazine LivingRoome launch the international design competition, in cooperation with the Messe Frankfurt Italia and in occasion of the Expò “Ambiente Italia”.

Category Other Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Product
Country Italy
RegDeadline 31 December 2009 GoogleCal iCal
11 January 2010 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility Designers, Architects, Engineers and Students enrolled at the Faculties of Architecture or Engineering or in a design institute

Entries should present projects for
- Accessories, object for travellers: technological, useful and emotional objects that independently on where we are will bring us in a place of memory. Objects addressed to the person and the place that will guest them.
- Set for little travel kit peddling and retailing (made using bike, scooter, Apecar, electric car) that, not on gadget logic, creates a new design’s micro-distribution.

We live in a period of continuous movement due to study, work and love, of continuous information flux and each person travelling carry, dream or desire “emotional” objects.
The district became more and more the nomad-fixed destination of a person who travel and look for an emotional place in the towns he visits for work. So “Nomadism” should be considered also in relationship to the person that will be reached by moving, emotional objects.
The revival of retailers using Apecar, rickshaw and other little means of transport, that even if produced by large retailer deny it with the aim of taking back districts.
The purpose is to create and design innovative products on the suggested themes.

Carlo Colombo (Designer and Architect)
Giorgio Tartaro ( Journalist, Author and TV Anchor man)
Paolo Tamborrini (Architect and Industrial Design researcher at the Polytechnic of Turin)
Donald J.Wich (Messe Frankfurt Italia, Managing Director)
Giovanna Talocci (Designer and Interior Architect)
Stefano Gangli (LivingRoome and SignDesign Agency’s Art Director)
Antonia Marmo (LivingRoome Press Office and Editorial Staff Manager)

- Professional Category
1st prize: 5,000 Euro
2nd prize: 2,500 Euro
3rd prize: 1,000 Euro
- Student Category
1,000 Euro

Entry Fee

A short description (in A4 size and not exceed 3 pages) and a maximum of 3 sheets with dimensional views of the design (A1 size)

LivingRoome and the Messe Frankfurt Italia

Official Website