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We proposes a strong bet for electric cars inside this plan, making them into one of the standard mediums of transportation, as opposed to the luxurious objects that they are usually seen as, and educating the people in terms of sustainability.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Idea, Students and Age Restriction, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Transportation
Country Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
RegDeadline (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
29 February 2012 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility All undergraduate, graduate, masters, and PhD students, as well as to young professionals with less than 5 years of experience in architecture and other related fields- engineering, urban planning, interior design, industrial design, etc.

The contamination of our atmosphere is a problem that affects all countries of the world, without exception, and specially the big cities, due to the high concentration of combustion vehicles that are found in relatively small areas.
Now a days almost any country, developed or emerging, counts with some sort of plan to control and restrict their level of emissions to the atmosphere. And each and every single one of those plans considers the limitation of the emissions produced by private vehicles as one of their key points to success.
Brazil is without doubt one the major emerging countries of the beginning of this century, and it is here to stay! Brazil wants to make things right this time and has developed a very ambitious development plan that will allow the country to keep growing at an incredible fast pace, but also in a way that is sustainable and ecofriendly.
The transformation of Rio has already begun and the city is getting ready to receive millions of visitors that will come to follow the greatest sporting events in the world.

Sergi Balaguer (the Alonso Balaguer Studio, winners of the Rio Olympic Port competition)
Verena Andreatta (local architect)
Manel Herce (transportation expert)
Adolf Sotoca (urban planner)
Architect : to be designated

1st Prize: 1,300 euro
2nd Prize: 500 euro
3rd Prize: 1 year subscription to choose from: (FRAME/ MARK/ ELEPHANT, Domus, Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Arquitectura Viva, Arquine, Detail, Future arquitecuras)
10 Honorable Mentions

Entry Fee
Special registration(Nov 15th, 2011- Jan 15th, 2012): 55 euro
Regular registration(Jan 16th, 2012- Feb 19th, 2012): 85 euro

One din-A1 size landscape panel

Jury voting period: Mar 12- 16, 2012
Winners announced on the STCenters website: Mar 27th, 2012


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