1-Unit 100-Families 10000-Residents Competition of Affordable Housing Design

The competition aims at promoting more systematic design solution for social housing through this event, exploring the position of utilizing design thinking to solve problems.

Category Idea Competition
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage
Genre Housing
Country Shenzhen, China
RegDeadline 15 November 2011 GoogleCal iCal
20 November 2011 (via Online) GoogleCal
Eligibility Architects

China’s current 12th Five-Year-Plan has mandated the construction of 36 million units of affordable housing planned to house billions of people during the years of 2011-2015. According to this planning, Shenzhen government’s assignment is to construct 240,000 units to house more than 800,000 people. This abrupt top-down task of rapid massive housing construction raises a series of problems such as planning, program, needs, policy, land resources, finance, design, construction, distribution and management. A critical question for the architectural profession has arisen: What is the role of DESIGN in this situation?
Commissioned by the Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, the Shenzhen Center for Design initiates a series of events and programs to encourage innovation in the design of affordable housing. Expanding the Center’s preliminary research, the 1.100.10000 Ideas Competition aims to generate discussion, debates and inventive proposals for affordable housing in China.
1- Unit 100-Families10000-Residents
1- Unit
Category focuses on the design solutions of maximum spatial efficiency of a single habitation unit.
Category encourages radical strategies to distribute affordable housing throughout the city's existing fabric with flexible clusters housing 100 families each.
Category explores alternatives to China’s typical large residential communities by encouraging the incorporation of mixed use and low-cost living environments.

The jury committee will be composed of Chinese and international critics and experts on architecture, sociology, policy, and construction, such as Qingyun Ma (Dean of USC School of Architecture).


Entry Fee

Jury Meeting: 22-11-2011 to 22-11-2011
Announcement of competition result: 07-12-2011

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