World Sustainability Centre Afsluitdijk


Winning Designs

Stefan Witteman (architect)
Team: Jeroen Grosfeld, Kasper Hauschultz Hansen
KOW, The Hague, The Netherlands

Peter van der Helm (urban designer) Team: Vincent van der Meulen, Tomas van der Meer, Anja Muller
Kraaijvanger Urbis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Joshua G. Stein and Thurman Grant (architect)
Team: Lisa Hollywood, Darius Woo, Jaclyn Thomforde, Hiroyuki Sugiyama, Yvette Escalante, Lisa Nesterova
Radical Craft, Los Angeles, USA

Judith Engbers-Lansink (architect)
Team: Jules Lucas (architect), Soenil Biharie (installatieadviseur)
BLM architecten, Enschede, The Netherlands

Mike Kane (architect and urban designer)
Team: Pietro Amorosi, Fawzia Muradali-Kane, Ron Yee
KMK Architects, London, UK

Pierre Belanger (landscape planner) and Miho Mazereeuw (architect)
Team: Fadi Masoud, Pamela Ritchot, Daniel Rabin
Bureau: Open Systems, USA

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In the spring of 2010 the Dutch government will discuss the future of the Afsluitdijk. In anticipation of that, the Sustainability Centre Foundation wants to issue well-considered recommendations about the location, programme and building of the proposed Centre. This competition is therefore being held with the aim of proposing ideas for a World Sustainability Centre Afsluitdijk that can form part of the recommendations made to the Dutch government regarding the future of the Afsluitdijk. The ideas should address the programme, location and accommodation of the World Sustainability Centre Afsluitdijk.

Category Idea Competition / Open to Students / Competition Result
Type International, Idea, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Architecture, Sustainability
Country Netherlands
RegDeadline 22 June 2009 GoogleCal iCal
31 July 2009 (Must be Received) GoogleCal
Eligibility Registered architects, urban designers and landscape designers

Not yet announced

First prize: € 12.500
Second prize: € 7.500
Third prize: € 5.000
Fourth prize: € 2.500
Fifth prize: € 1.500

Entry Fee
€ 100

Two digital posters in PDF on A1

Submission Address
Architectuur Lokaal
Tussen de Bogen 18
1013 JB Amsterdam

Announcement of nominees: between October 1 and 10, 2009

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