The YARCH 2014 X-Change Competition

We refer to “cultural exchange between people – linking and bridging continents together”.

Category Project Competition / Open to Students
Type International, Project, Open, Single-Stage, Anonymous
Genre Temporary-Structure
Country Cyprus
RegDeadline 25 June 2014 GoogleCal iCal
25 June 2014 (via Online)
Eligibility Professionals, students and architecture enthusiasts

At the level of consciousness, we, as users of a space, are unconsciously recording the environmental variables effects on our nervous system through our senses that leads to our brain. Our perception of movement and spatial orientation arises from stimuli within the body itself. Therefore, the process of understanding and recognizing a space leads to a deeper level of memory, the one that has to do with experience of our existence in the world. Experiences are formed by the way we grow up in a society and have a variety that depends on our culture. Each individual’s senses can register the existence of being into a space through signals that cannot be consciously highlighted. Therefore, users simultaneously experience space as assembled by their senses and link those experiences with memories of similar spaces they visited before, to the one they are in at the specific time.Exchanging cultures is a way of also exchanging experiences between people from different countries who all together inhabit a space. Consequently, exchanging cultures refers to the meaning of linking and bridging continents as well as cooperation and cohabitation between different countries, in order to achieve mutual understanding in every level of coexistence. The meaning of exchanging cultures aims in a kind of connection in which a space reflects a constant intercultural dialog between civilizations in general. This could be translated architecturally into something symbolic or more practically and spatially functional with the aim to cultivate union in the meaning of exchange, through communicative space. “ – YArch-workshop

There will be two ways in which the winners will be decided:
1. YArch will set out an online voting competition in which anyone as a member of YArch website will be able to vote their favorite proposal.
2. There will be a jury consisting of professionals from the design industry who will have an impact on the result.

Top Competition Winners will have the opportunity to construct their structures during YARCH 2014 X-CHANGE -WORKSHOP.

Entry Fee

Two boards (A3)
A DOC file containing the project statement (250-500 words max)

Announcement of the results: around mid June 2014
Finalists’ names will be available online at after June 25, 2014.
The workshop: from 27th of July until the 10th of August, 2014


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