Chambre des Notaires de Paris: Architecture Competition


カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, RfQ, Restricted, Two-Stage, Onymous
ジャンル Renovation
開催地 Paris, France
登録締切日 27 February 2019 (See "Entry Fee" below) GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 27 February 2019 (via Online) GoogleCal
応募資格 Partnerships between local and international rms are encouraged, as well as the presence on teams of heritage architects and/or consultants with expertise in restoring historic buildings.

Located in the place du Châtelet, on the Seine's banks, in the heart of Paris, the Chambre des Notaires de Paris (Chamber of French Notaires of Paris) is the historic institution that gave birth to the profession. After moving around the square a few times, it finally settled in its current home, the Hôtel du Châtelet. It was built by the architects Jules A. Pellechet and Charles Rohault de Fleury between 1855 and 1857, when it was decided to widen the place du Châtelet and open up the Boulevard du Centre (later the boulevard Sébastopol) as part of the major works of Baron Haussmann.
Although it is not classified as a "historic monument" by the Ministry of Culture, the building has many remarkable features. It is actually singled out in the city of Paris' Plan Local d'Urbanisme (local urban masterplan) as "a plot noted for its historical, cultural or landscape interest", in particular because of the undeniable quality of its overall architectural composition.
However, the Chambre des Notaires' building no longer appears to be well suited to the notaires' practice, considering the modernization of the profession.
Through this competition, the Chambre des Notaires' members wish to renovate the building, by rethinking its internal organization and all the activities it hosts, and to return the building to the heart of contemporary dynamics.
Indeed, although the architects' care during the construction of the Hotel du Châtelet is real, the successive fragmentary renovations have caused the building to lose its overall architectural coherence. The building appears today, given its layout and its uses, as a random assembly, where reception rooms typical of Haussmannian Paris are juxtaposed with sometimes hastily renovated workspaces.
These inconsistencies in the internal layout, encased in a partially preserved shell that confer all its character to the edifice, leads to think that the functional organization of the building does not live up to its architectural potential, nor to a mutating profession. This architectural competition will be an opportunity to find a new cohesion between the container and its contents; between the building's shell, its internal organization, and the expectations of a forward-looking profession.

The President of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, Mr. Bertrand SAVOURÉ,
The First Vice-President of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, Mr. Cédric BLANCHET,
The Vice-President of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, Mr. Stéphane ADLER,
The Premier Syndic of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, Ms. Viviane BEUZELIN,
The Treasurer of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, Mr. Christophe NOIREL,
The Secretary General of the Chambre des notaires de Paris, Mr. Alain JOUBERT,
A representative of the real estate sector,
A representative of the City of Paris Heritage and Architecture Department,
A representative of the Ecole de Chaillot,
A construction economist.

Estimated budget for works : 8 million € excl tax.
Each team allowed to compete will receive a financial compensation of €25,000 for its participation in the competition.

Entry Fee
None until February 15th 2019
A late registration fee of €100: to February 27th 2019

Selected teams announcement: March 11th, 2019
First output (presentation of projects intentions): April 16th & 18th, 2019
Projects submission deadline:May 31th, 2019
Presentation of projects: June 6th, 2019
Announcement of successful applicants: June 2019


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