Daylight Spaces

コンペ結果 Japanese Flag

TIA Scholarship Award 2007:
glaser und dagenbach / Udo Dagenbach + Silvia Glaser (Germany)
MoNo / 長嶌史明 + 丸岡満美 (Japan)

Daylight Spaces - TIA Scholarship Award 2007: MoNo/Fumiaki Nagashima + Mami Maruoka Nagashima

TIA Scholarship Award 2007: MoNo/長嶌史明 + 丸岡満美 (Fumiaki Nagashima + Mami MaruokaNagashima)

hanasaki-house <5 LEVELS × 3 SPACES> This is the urban residence for a single occupancy. It has three SPACES like an atelier and a gallery where the cliant can fully enjoy hobbys and people enjoy time together in addition to a normal residential function. The residence has five LEVELS arranged in a spatially-scattered manner with slits formed among them so that each level interacts with each other through the slits. Light, wind, music, scent, scenery and eye contacts freely intertwine and interact with each other between different levels, effectively creating a diversity of the place, proposing an unprecedented rich space, which is hard to realize in a conventional urban residence.



カテゴリ アワード / コンペ結果
タイプ International Architecture Scholarship
ジャンル Daylight, Sustainability
開催地 Austria
登録締切日 15 Aug 2007 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 15 Aug 2007
応募資格 Architects, Artist and other professionals concerned with building design and students of advanced stage. Applicants must be individuals, not firms or institutions.
対象作品 Completed and built projects or clearly presented concepts

Since the 1st international TIA ミ Conference in 1995 on teaching sustainable technologies in Architecture many schools have taken up this challenge, taking diverse teaching approaches.

Among them the Department for Building and Environment, hosting the TIA ミ Conference 2007, focuses the possibilities of matching high level architectural design with an excellent sustainable building performance. Daylighting is an important aspect in achieving high quality architectural design with sustainable building performance. This architectural design competition メDaylight Spacesモ offers a platform to bring attention to this important quality of design and recognize skilled solutions.

Here the interest of the Department for Building and Environment meets the aims of ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich a regional architectural platform, presenting and mediating the present of modern, contemporary architecture and ways of living. ORTE maintains interdisciplinary contacts and encourages communication between architects, building owners and concerned parties.

Brandner G. (Architect, ORTE Architectural Network, AT)
Hammer R. (Architect, Danube University Krems, AT/DE)
Hastings R. (Architect, Danube University Krems, US/CH/AT)
Holzer P. (Engineer, Danube University Krems, AT)
Mally W. (Free Artist, “Artist in residence 2007” CZ/DE)
Nitschke M. (Architect, ORTE Architectural Network, AT/DE)
Reinberg W. (Architect, Danube University Krems, AT)
Roaf S. (Architect, Open Univsersity, GB)
Sala M. (Architect, University of Florence, IT)

Competition Type

Two one-month scholarships are given to the winners including:
- A studio apartment in the town of Krems as part of the initiative "Artists in Residence" under the patronage of ORTE Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich.
- Travel cost from the winner's place of residence to Krems, sponsored by VELUX Austria
- Free use of the light laboratory including the artificial sky of the Department for Building and Environment during the month.

Entry Fee

Poster presentation: 1 to maximum 5 paper sheets / Format: 594X841 mm /DIN A1
Digital presentation: Format: -.pdf / Resolution of the item: 300ppi or higher

1st September: Pre-jury and announcement of semi-finalists
14th-15th September: Exhibition at TIA-Conference in Krems, Austria
15th September: Final jury and announcement of the winners at the international TIA Conference in Krems

Danube University Krems + ORTE Architectural Network

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