Daegu Kansong Art Museum International Design Competition


カテゴリ 実施コンペ
タイプ International, Project, Architects, Two-Stage, Onymous
ジャンル Museum
開催地 Daegu, Korea
登録締切日 18 December 2019 GoogleCal iCal
提出締切日 18 December 2019 (via Online)
応募資格 Architects

In 1907, a year after Kansong was born, a National Debt Redemption Movement (NDRM) was launched in Daegu. Previously, loans were provided by the colonial power, as a means to subjugate Korea under Japan's economic control; however, this movement sought to achieve financial autonomy and recover national sovereignty by calling on all citizens to partake in the effort to repay the national debt. What began in Daegu quickly spread to the rest of the nation, exemplifying a national campaign aimed at preserving national authority with monumental historical significance. Even today, Daegu prides in its reputation as a 'patriotic city' that fought to repay the national debt and to redeem national authority.
The spiritual morale of moonhwa-boguk and the Redemption Movement (NDRM) initiated in Daegu offered small flames of hope that began to grow and shine a bright light during the somber days of Japanese oppression. The cultural spirit that underlies these efforts grant equal importance to both events, as they served to fuel our thrust into the autonomous cultural and economic powerhouse that is Korea today.
The Kansong Art Museum, slated to be built in Daegu, provides a symbolic space where the spiritual morale of moonhwa-boguk and NDRM converge. The structure mingles traditional Korean aesthetics with global cutting-edge design. By hosting exhibitions, research, education and cultural projects, this space will help to communicate the beauty and preeminence of our ethnic culture and contribute to elevating our national pride. It is our hope that the Museum will serve as a stalwart symbol of Daegu and a national landmark of Korea.

Seog-Won Kang, Between Buildings / Hongik University
Jin-Ho Moon, DMP Partners
Mladen Jadric, Vienna University of Technology
Sung-Won Jung, Sejong University
Jae-Pil Choi, Seoul National University
Kwang-Hwan Lee, Haeahn Architecture

Winning Design: Contract Award for Design Development and Construction
2nd Place- 6th Place: local participants 36,000,000 KRW/ overseas participants 46,000,000 KRW

Entry Fee

Announce Commissioned Teams: 23. DEC. 2019
STAGE 2 Design submission: 25. MAR. 2020
Announce Winning Design: 31. MAR. 2020

Daegu Metropolitan Government Culture and Arts Policy Division

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